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That should be the ‘retort du jour’!


Exactly. Just another sound byte merchant.


Ah but he set things in motion for their recent success :grin::grin::grin:


Why do former players think their opinions carry so much weight in assessing managers when they have neither managed or if have failed miserably like Hayes
They are entirely different disciplines and I don’t think being tanked by Limerick at home in the qualifiers is any claim to fame for Hayes


Hmmmm no surprises :roll_eyes:


I don’t actually mind him getting off tbh. But for those who talk of paranoia here and tell us that Dublin players don’t get treated any differently than anyone else, well the many weekend events yet again tell us differently … …


I dont think it was even mentioned on the Sunday game. Why not, King Cody. To be fair to him, he was going aggressively, but put his hands up when the linesman steps in and pushed him accidentally so doesn’t deserve a ban, but they do need to look at this compared to the Dermot incident


:slightly_smiling_face: Niiiice.


It was brought up but dealt with quite differently. Michael Duignan said he shouldn’t be punished and any calls to do so were just political correctness. Daly also felt that he shouldn’t be suspended but felt it was very similar to Connolly.

Honestly I think this just shows how differently the hurling and football pundits react and comment on things rather than any pro-Cody or Anti-Connolly agendas.


yes kinda Dicke Murphy or brian Gavin reffing, its bears no relevance to the rule book but sure they let play flow


was listening to a match on the saturday of the Laois match in PP. Two lads were fighting off the ball, being described by the co-commentator “and sure there’s nothing wrong with that…”

there are players, refs, linesmen, county boards officials CCCC people who are fine with allowing the same exact incidents go on in hurling that they suspend people for in hurling.


A tear came to my eye reading this. It’s the juggernaught bitch nearly quit social media because of that little tanned opinionated royal fucker. If that happened one of finest up and coming social mediateers would of been lost to a generation. Thank god it didn’t. Thank god.


Today’s independent

Connolly has been given his own programme and is “working away in the background as best he can”. His ban ends just in time for the All-Ireland semi-finals, and Gavin, it seems, would have few qualms about pitching him in.

“He’s a very determined man, and if we are fortunate enough get to that stage, I know he’ll be there for us,” he says. “It would be a tough ask, but he’s a tough man.”


Still think Jim won’t start him if the team are playing well. Great option to have on the bench for a semi final.


Great endorsement by a manager of a player, when and if he plays in championship Jim will make the right decision. For me, all going well Diarmo coming on in the 2nd half of final would be some lift and very demoralising for any opposition, but hey just have to wait and see how far we get.


This must be a euphemism for the July ’ taking lumps out of each other at training ’ Yerraspeak competition… fierce altogether…

apologies, see its posted already



Sad to see. What have the Fermanagh players ever achieved to think they know more then Mc Grath.
His biggest mistake was probably indulging the who are all the pies full forward they have .
Should have abandoned ship at year and not end up being ridiculed like this


Watch them sink like a stone now.

Some people don’t know a good thing standing right in front of them.


Didn’t he help Stevo score the only goal of his IC career (to date)? :wink: