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Using every metre of road they had …

It also has very favourable tax laws which are a haven for the rich … isn’t that right, Jean Claude?


Oui, d’accord D’09 mon cherie. Or should that be ‘ja stimmt’? Or another of their 4 national languages?


Stop the press, Der bomber has phoned in his weekly article to the Indo sports desk. So take a few minutes out of your busy lives ressers to hear what the big man has to say and ‘fears’

Ps. By clicking on this link please be aware you will waste two minutes of your life that you will never get back.


Al b in defence of Jim.


Good read, nice for one of our own to come out and defend Jim.


Maith an fear a Bhomber, doing his bit, keep the troops on their toes for the Qtr final. I think if one thing might keep Mayo going, and prevent them packing it in for fear of yet another major game defeat, it’s the thought of revenge for Limerick 14, and to make up for the one they threw away


Serious question, you know it’s going to be shite before you read it, so why do you bother??


Which pundit described Jim as “also ran” footballer?


A serious question… do I press the red button or the blue button? Because I know it’s shit so what? It’s der bomber and really the only thing the big fella can be accused of is bland as ■■■■ yerra. Also I was on me tea break and I had ■■■■ all else to do. Don’t sweat it!


Is this a serious question like something witty s? Because if it is… Haven’t a clue. Can only guess it was either perma tan or Hayes.


Are you serious :joy::joy: alan was one of the doubters in the last few weeks , who also contributed to throwing Jim under the bus , hypothetical article!!!


Serious question. I’m guessing it Hayes.


Could be stato - Hayes has form for that sort of stuff. Though was glad to see Alan give a very articulate response to it.


I take it that’s hypocritical? :wink:Yeah fair enough a week is a long time in er gaa analysis? Alan doesn’t have to agree with how jim handled that situation then but I do expect him to at least defend him when all else are poking fun and taking the piss out if him.


Found it, was Hayes. What a ignorant prick he is. JG played a important role in 95

"Gavin wore the Dublin jersey, but I forget whether it was No.13 or No.15 because he was a bit of a non-entity as a Dublin footballer.

He just came and went. He scored one point in Dublin’s one-point win over Tyrone in the 1995 All-Ireland final, but don’t get sucked in by that simple piece of maths, because in truth he was amongst the also-rans when choosing the Dublin footballers who actually earned that long-awaited victory"


Yeah he has form for been a complete ■■■■. Ignorant.




Look lads, Hayes has a long track record of talking absolute bollocks. Wouldn’t give his opinion on anything a seconds thought, I’m sure Jim couldn’t care less what that barmy shock jock has to say for himself.


That’s new low stuff from Hayes, the cnut. Obviously an axe to grind. Desperate for attention. It’s sad, long ago some of his stuff was interesting, different in a thoughtful way but he has undermined it since.
Still, the Heffo book was very good.


Who is Hayes though ? He won 2 all Ireland’s . Big deal so have many others . Check out his management record at Carlow . Enough said .