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Not good enough - Out, out, out.



On and on it goes, where it stops nobody knows!

#1074 running a story that Jim McGuinness is soon to be a thing of the past for us as he his about to take up a coaching roll in China. Don’t know how to attach the link maybe a more tech savvy resser can.


Not independent link but same story!!


course they were, sure he had a day to go through it.

this train has left the station, but lets compare and contrast the Ryan Burns incident on TSG and Connolly’s. They dont even have the excuse to say “sure that was a qualifier on a saturday night and it wasnt live on RTE TV” as neither was the Dublin/Carlow match. In fact three players were sent off for louth in that match. Had that happened for Dublin… well, we know. It’s not an excuse/explanation to say “ah but thats little louth and dublin are a bigger team aiming at the end of the championship” because that is hypocracy.

and even then, he could ahve said - “look he was fustrated, annoyed, and thats what he did - it’ll be interesting to see whats in the match report as there was no action taken by either referee or linesman and he is a very experianced referee in his own right”

but, no. Spillanne chose deliberatly what tack he was going to take, and how far he was going to take it.


Lucky Jim goes to China?! Fair play to him and the best of luck. Odds on him as Irish manager in the future?!


Crybaby Pat responds


He’s some man for complaining about people commenting on stuff that “have no basis in fact” when he claimed Connolly was “clearly threatening the linesman”. The man is a clown


Jesus dont be putting ideas into the lads head. let him get on with the football and outside of that the brand building on twitter.


Nothing to do with the argument in question but…It’s not a selfie when someone else is taking it!!, as was the case with the O Shea thing…


Ah in fairness you just can’t ignore the population thing. There are better ways of putting it then Canning did, but it is a fact. Mind you there are nuances to it, Dublin would have more issues competing with other sports, so the real number that matters is the amount of people actually playing. Also, we are a dual county, up to this year the only one competing in Division one of the hurling and football leagues.

But, every county (bar Leitrim) has an advantage over some other county when it comes to population, and in other sports Russia can play Luxemburg for instance. So it is just a fact of life. That is why people have to measure their teams achievement in relative terms, not just in simplistic silverware terms.


look at how rubbish we are at soccer for example. do we piss and moan about germany having 80 million population? no and the germans wouldn’t take it seriously if we did. thems the breaks of location based team sports.


What’s the population of Luxembourg? There are two competitors from Luxembourg in the Wimbledon singles this year.




Someone had a baby today?


Yes but someone died so it’s back to 42. Makes the tennis achievement even more impressive.


No. Jean Claude Juncker went home .


They have also won Eurovision 5 times … incl two in a row in the early 70s almost matching the exploits of the great Ajax team next door …


They had a great radio team back in the 60s…


theyve had a formula 1 grand prix.