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Wonder who else they will dig out for their opinion?


And what a pity Gavin forced him into the stage 1 appeal


Nope. But Flynn is just so wonderfully slappable


I don;t think forced is the right word. Persuaded would be better. But I agree with the main point you are making.


Well forced might be too strong but JG was quite insistent in his Sunday media briefing that it was at his wish that the appeal circus was started


Lostcause, what is your agenda ?. Its obvious to me you are not a Dublin supporter and have an issue with Dublin, come clean and maybe it could be resolved or at least understood. My intention is not to offend you ,would just appreciate a little clarity.


I get where people are coming from in wanting this to stop. But Spillane, O’Rourke and others on TSG being called out is long overdue IMO. Charlie gave a perfect example in his piece of other stuff deliberately being ignored by TSG .


He had nothing to lose. Diarmuids season is over . He’s created a siege mentality within the team itself to help drive it towards a three in a row when it looked like we were flagging.
We needed something to spark us this year . This may be it


dont disagree with you there .


Why are u on this site? You don’t have a single positive thing to say about anything to do with Dublin. As said earlier be up front and call out where you’re from because it ain’t Dublin.


like everyone else here i have a right to post even if I don’t buy in to group think or sky blue blinkered glasses though, and i enjoy informed debate with many knowledgeable posters here

born in Cork, played juvenile football and hurling in Dublin, then Longford and Leitrim and all my adult life in Dublin. Happy now Hill16blues and apologies if I dont fit into your myopic narrow view of who is involved in Dublin GAA. The joys of having a father whose career suffered several enforced moves of house.

I remain a proud GAA man who is actively involved 7 days a week in Dublin GAA and enjoys it. To me GAA is much more than Jim Gavin or Dermot Connolly or biased supporters from any county or club.

so can you be as frank in return


We won’t hold that against you :joy:, welcome aboard !


3 months there to non Cork parents so will never claim citizenship but honest enough to let the blinkered accusers throw muck if it makes them happy


yeah but it entitles you to one of these bad boys…


Fair enough but your input here is nothing to do with countering myopic, blinkered, follow the crowd views & opinions. It’s constant negative, critcal comment re all things Dublin. I’ve no issue with critical analysis but if you’ve nothing positive to say why would you bother ur arse posting here other than to antagonise those that do support Dublin GAA??

Then again there’s one or two here who love a bit of unrelenting negativity so maybe you’ll fit right in :upside_down_face:



thats an extremely insulting and abusive post to someone actively developing supporting and promoting Dublin GAA day in day out. . But I do so constructively not blindly and its a much broader subject than showing up on the Hill come August with a bodhran

I’ll call out what i see needs discuission be that Jim Gavin, you or anything else in the interests of positive debate.

If you or others don’t like it, dont read it, but it demeans one to be directly critical of another poster. Play the ball or the subject not the man


Not sure how u got insulting / demeaning out of that?? It’s a fairly accurate observation around the tone & content of your posts. What you do in terms of gaa is irrelevant. Your posts on the Dublin senior team are continuously critical, negative and personally critical of Dublin players and management. It is what it is. You have your right to your opinions but doesn’t mean I can’t or won’t question your motivation for doing so.


ok follow the sheep, beat the bodhran, think everything is perfect in Dublin GAA and and ignore my posts. I wont question your motivations in man marking rather than debating the topic.

and on a point because something is accurate to you, doesn’t mean its universally correct. Its your opinion only


If / when you post something positive or non critical about the Dublin senior team I’ll hold my hand up and say I got u wrong. Looking forward to that.


Thank you for your clarity, Much respect .