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Crossed a line … :joy:

Is there no limit to the breathtaking nonsense that emanates from these nonentities?! Seriously like … have they no shame about their absolute unimportance and relative inadequacy when commenting on people whose boots they wouldn’t lace


As far as they were concerned they won Div 1. Seems to be regionalised? So is it that the North/North East Region is Div 2/3? What way does it work? How do they decide what Division each region is?


Any line that is crossed is there to be crossed imo. Criticism is not a one way street. I’m sure that Spillanes red neck is tough enough to take a bit of return fire.


they won Div 1 but there was a premiership introduced this year , took place in Sligo and Na Fianna as Dublin D1 winners represented Dublin.

above is my understanding but Alan might be good enough to clarify the above


Basically right except Skerries won Division 1. They were there along with Na Fianna, who were runners up. It does seem the Sligo one was the actual All Ireland. The one in Cavan/Monaghan was for everyone else. Why the divide between the best and the rest I don’t know. They don’t do it for hurling…


no offence to Skerries , i had forgotten they won it, i knew Na Fianna were down also


What an absolute arsehole Flynn is. At this point Flynn is out in a league of his own for talking thru his…! Think it was James Horan who recently described him as a tit. Very unfair on tits everywhere to have had Flynn lumped in with them!


its the culture of the pundit / analyst.

they make noise to be heard and they believe people actually care what they think


As far as I know Skerries won the Div 1 Shield - not the main competition - beating Corofin in the Final. Na Fianna lost out in Shield semis. Very poor coverage of Sligo element of Feile but lots online for Cavan Monaghan. Strange.


I was referring to Skerries as Dublin winners. Someone else had Na Fianna down as winning Dublin.



Na Fianna won the Dublin hurley alright!

But very poor coverage of the Sligo element - can’t find much about it at all.


Totally agree.

As someone said they don’t have the population to fill CP.

Crazy when your think of it like that.


Charlie Redmond backing Jim in the Herald this evening. Not online yet so can’t post up a link


Goodman Charlie :muscle:


Has a go at TSG too. Bringing up 3 incidents from the 2015 AI Semi against Mayo between Dermo Leeroy and Cillian O’Connor. Where Leeroy and Cillian were the instigators in two of them yet TSG focused soley on the incident with Leeroy were Dermo was the instigator and didn’t mention the other two incidents




Good man Charlie. Once a hero, always a hero👊


Does anyone really give a sh1te what Charlie thinks anymore than Bernard FLlynn


I really, really, really, really wish that everyone would just stop.

It is worth noting the player himself wants it dropped. He made that quite clear by not appealing. But we have had yet another WEEK of pontificating bullshit from everyone, and I mean everyone, who has a media gig.

Perhaps they’d all now politely shut the fcuk up