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A lot of whom are non-Dubs from the four corners of Ireland who have no desire to see Dublin do well.
Non-Irish residents would make up a bigger percentage of that 1.3m than it would in most, if not all, other counties as immigrants tend to be attracted to larger urban centres.


In fairness they don’t have anything like the money we have …


Some people told me about half them are wimmin as well


in fairness when Mick Deegan jnr and Mikey Quinn as residents of another county are on Dublin u21 squads Ger is probably right in his figures


if we went on the population argument which is nonsense and a singluar argument, as katie Melua said there are 9 million bicycles in Beijing so i can wait to see Ching Ding dong win the tour de France


No the 1.5 million my bad. But he did mention the 1.3 million as an explanation as to why we where running up a cricket score. Thanks ger.


Same can be said of Stuart lowndes or does that count? Regardless ger should focus on match commentating and not offering his opinion on who has the mostest.


Only Dublin, Kildare, Cork & Galway have a population over 200,000 and 10 have between 100-200k.

The populations of Carlow, Offaly, Longford, Leitrim, Roscommon, Sligo , Cavan, and Monaghan are all less than the capcity of Croke Park


no excuse for new York and London to be getting beaten.


Monaghan should be the benchmark for all other counties who complain about not having the money.

If they can compete for Ulster titles and Division 1 titles with a population of 60,000 people then Kildare (220,000 population) and Meath (195,000 population) should also be well able to be competitive.

Something clearly wrong with the set up of a lot of other counties.


New York hammered all around them in the U14 Felie in Cavan-Monaghan at the weekend - including Portlaoise in the Final. And sure why wouldn’t they with their 8.5 million people …


The moral outrage from Perma tan.


I’m outraged that he’s outraged


I’m aghast, stunned, outraged, agog…

I simply can’t believe it, … there’s no way you can convince me that Bernard Flynn knows how to write.


Not the Division 1 Feile though.


And he knows how to use Twitter.


[quote=“alanoc, post:1026, topic:27, full:true”]Not the Division 1 Feile though.

it was Division 1 alright - but are they regionalised now?


It wasn’t. The top teams were playing at a Feile in Sligo. NY won what was basically Division 2/3. They’ve made a balls of the whole thing.


at this stage youd be nearly embarrassed if your club wasnt playing in a national / regional / provincial / local feile last weekend alright…

Liam O’Neill has a lot to answer for


“It cant be tolerated??” ok, whats this moron’s solution, ban him from all media duties:grin: