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and what about Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal?
They are in both Ulster and Ireland.


Alan brogan talks about Bernard brogan.


I hope Alan is right a fit and rearing to go Berno is required even more without Dermo.



Can’t be having Pat’s name being sullied can we :roll_eyes:


Who wrote the article? I’m not going to click on any indo link. Bear in mind, Spillane writes for a Denis O’Brien-owned rag too.


Some nobody called Cormac Byrne, opinion piece, cant even get a proper article.


Someone on work experience probably attempting to make a name for himself with insightful comment and analysis.


Transition year can be good fun.


Yer man says “Pundits must be free to pass judgement on players, managers and events, otherwise they are obsolete. Using the laws of the game and a player’s disciplinary record to back up their arguments is perfectly legitimate.”

If we accept this argument,then players and managers must be equally free to call out a pundit for what they say or write and use their background and agenda to back up their argument as well.

Pundits and journalists are paid for their opinions, players aren’t, but they do have careers, reputations and families to consider. Therefore IMO all pundits/journalists and commentators are absolutely fair game to receive both barrels from any aggrieved player or manager. If you believe pundits have the rights to voice their opinion, then you must accept that players also have the same right, If you are going to dish it out, then expect to get it back in spades.

The press need to grow a pair and HTFU.


This ‘right’ of the media to hold people to account across all walks of life is laughable at this stage. Newspapers are private enterprises with the sole aim of profit making … most not very good at it. They have owners/editors with particular agendas which often compromise their stance on issues. As far as I am concerned no member of the media has any given right to hold anybody to account over anything. The taxpayer, license fee funded State broadcaster may be the nearest we have to objective media but they don’t usually indulge …


you can take it that the boilers (another indo-linked thing) will be taking that attitude tonight, maybe they’ll have some kerry and mayo pundits on to ask them their views.

JG did say BTW that they havent banned talking to broadcast media, only doing one to ones, they will do it to all them at once.


In one!
Quirke and Horan to be precise…


The good old reliables. two for everyone in the audience.


was in mc’ds yesterday and glancing through the free indo. Oh, look who they are asking for an opinion about the “Big Population Dublin -v- teeny weeny Leitrim and the likes and how unfair it all is”


Yes, I’m sure when Kerry are beating smaller counties out the gate in the past he was there thinking “yerra, we really ought to be giving these lads some of our Kerry Group money, or a bit of that million we raised in the states… be only fair”

TBF to the indo, it was about time they brought back the cartoon pages and this is an impressive start.


Sure Ger Canning on the game on Sunday mentioned the 1.5 million population and how easy it is blah blah blah and then wet himself when Kev Mc Scored.


Amazing they keep using the population argument. Sure using that logic India and China should be dominating World Cups and the Summer Olympics :roll_eyes:


1.3m according to the last census, but sure Ger never let facts get in his way.


some chap had a letter in the paper yesterday saying how dublin should be split according to City/Fingal/SDCC/RDL. Okey dokey. I’m sure Cork would agree, being the only existing city council left. However, there is talk of Limerick and Waterford coming back, and what about tipp??

besides, the real effect of splitting dublin right now would be two dublin teams in the QF’s…


Does that mean they will have to reunite both halves of Meath?