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And therein lies the answer…

The reason it hasn’t been addressed is because a lack of enthusiasm for change. And for those that do want change, a realism that it’ll never fly.

I do agree ithe level of effort and commitment is crazy. But opening it up to market forces could lead to all sorts of practical problems - never mind the etchics.


The issue is that pay for play would require a two thirds majority. That won’t happen. County managers will be reined in first. The shortening of the season is the beginning of that.


Eu employment law and the ethos of the GAA are totally at odds


I’ve personally no issue with players being compensated for their time. In fact I think the level of effort is so much that if can affect a young persons education or career.

But once money is introduced, you will inevitably get different pay levels within a county, and from county to county. That in itself could drive away a lot of people who value the amateur ethos.


But it’s already there. For example players getting free cars.


So it needs to be stopped. Good call.


Players getting cars or getting cozy bank jobs aren’t new.

But it’s a step change to getting paid, in terms of employment laws, contracts etc.

I’m all for CBs splitting a pot of money equally amongst a panel, making sure they’re looked after, or even some fellas getting the loan of a car for a year.

But I’d hate to pick up the paper to read a player was offered a big pay packet to stay on for another few seasons…


Let’s keep it to Ireland, please. :sunglasses:


Iif you bring in professional players they will be subject to the Bosman ruling and they will have freedom of movement. Transfers will become a fact, and you will have Dublin, cork, limerick, Galway, Kerry, antrim (Belfast) maybe Waterford and Louth, maybe Meath Kildare.

In hurling probably no real difference, maybe reinforcement of the current top table forever.

It’s fantasy though. Lone Ranger mentioned cork and Dundalk being pro, but they are only so on the basis of Europe in Dundalks case and a unique situation with cork. That’s only two teams though, even if the others are semi pro the players go on the dole off season.

If this golden age was to dawn, the interest in such a restricted number of teams would drive inter county into a eating themselves destruction.

I feel what will happen is that intercounty carrers (:grinning:) will get ever shorter and players will be younger. If there is a true return to economic growth you will have more not opting full stop and you may end up with the best players in the club championships and the intercounty standard will go down and the product become unattractive.


I’m simply stating they aren’t amateur . They get free cars for example . Sponsorship deals, grants etc
I wouldn’t begrudge any of them but simply pointing out the elephant in the room that you’re all happy to ignore


Who said that? …


can you elaborate on this please?


Some players are not remotely amateur with the benefits they get


Huge difference between benefits and actually paying players. You love a good over exaggeration Bart.


It’s not it’s exactly the same principle .


Drama queen


post withdrawn


Such nonsense stories … :roll_eyes:
No wonder nobody buys papers any more …

Just reflecting here … I reckon the last Francis to light up Croker with a pious display of Christian charity was a lad called Bellew …


Indeed. France used to bless opponents with his right hand… And arm!


More like perform an exorcism on them.