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People said the same about the GPA and then giving the GPA money
And look now


That didn’t require a Congress decision. The only Congress decision relating to the GPA was the one recognising it as the players’ body. Since then everything they have gotten has been via Central Council They don’t have the power to introduce pay for play.


List the 8 Counties who will be able to independently afford to pay semi professional players and back room people (say 45 to 50 people) . Dublin might but I very much doubt if others will.


Counties won’t have to pay . Spectators will. Team expenses are in the millions for gods sake already
MShow me another amateur sport in the world which has no professional arm at all and generates these sorts of revenues and crowds
It’s threads like this where it really shows the GAA has absolutely no concept of the car crash coming down the tracks
This is what happens when you’re governed by 57 old farts at Congress

Doping in GAA

Name me the countries who’ll vote for it. You’ll need about 25.

And none of them will be from Ulster.


This would cause a split close to a civil war. But I don’t believe it is going to happen, it’s always in five or ten years time. It’s no closer now than it was ten years ago.


Ten years ago teams weren’t training as much as they were now . The current system is lunacy . Inter county will only be played by students and primary school teachers soon
Which in itself underlines how absurd the structure is


This is a non-discussion. The less than 2% of players that play inter county are put there by tens of thousands of coaches and facilitated by 98% of the adult playing population, their club mates. Lads have seen how many failed in Australia. Even Rugby clubs had to stop paying players as they can’t afford to. Soccer is a joke. We lose ■■■■ all players to League of Ireland. Professionalism in terms of paying players, would be the end of small counties, the end of small clubs, the end of the GAA. You would never even get a majority of players to vote for it.

The GAA should be cute and elevate the status of the C.P.A. as this is the ultimate bulwark against the G.P.A. and the notion of full-time paid players. The GAA also needs to try to get the genie back into the bottle by removing the primacy of intercounty managers, sorting out the calendar and removing colleges teams from inter county competitions.


Club players don’t generate revenue so it’s s non argument . 2 percent generate 90 percent of the revenue . So whether you like it or not they have a say in matters


And finally, could each of us please be given an allowance of expletives per month on here??? I let fly an innocent fcuk and the black boxes appear! I could get away with Allahu Akhbar though!! Hmmmm!


I did not say that inter county players should not have a say. I said they are only as important as their club peers, and are replaceable. We all are. If there was a vote tomorrow among adult players across Ireland in relation to pay for play, I believe it would be crushed by a huge majority.


Not if you spelt it correctly you wouldn’t :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You are very naive if you think the gate money will be diverted to pay players. That is national GAA money which is already allocated to various GAA promotional schemes. The GAA is a not for profit association, take a look at the annual report on the GAA website which gives a full break down of income and expense.
Each county would have raise their own finance to pay their own players and the majority will not be in a position to do so. In all other sports teams live off money taken on home gates, do you ever look at the numbers attending National Leagues and if so how much do you expect players to receive in payment.


All In suggesting is that the hierarchy of the GAA respect the amateur status as much as the players


Pssst Alan, I think he ignored you! :slight_smile:

Stop making sense will ya!! :slight_smile:


Sure the better looking players can always get themselves good endorsements: Brogan, Flynn, Cavanagh, Ricey…

Back to Alan’s point, I’d be surprised if any of the Ulster counties would go for it. Would take a a big shift to get it through Congress.


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Talking of which…I’ve saw him and C Gormely at the games. CG works for the county and brings the kids on at half time. For someone with 3 AIs, I’d say most of the current kids wouldn’t even recognise him.


Hardly since nobody has addressed the issue