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Take away the volunteers and it will be too dangerous or too expensive to let the people who come to watch come in.

Doping in GAA
Doping in GAA
Doping in GAA

Take away the investment in County teams and people will stop watching in their droves. These days people will only pay to watch what they perceive as top product. Tradition is still part of it but alot less than it used to be.

But pay the players, and the volunteers will dwindle


Dundalk players are paid . So are Cork City players . The GAA will go semi professional too. Make no mistake about it
I agree professionalism full time is unsustainable .
But the top 6-8 will earn five figure sums plus the other extras in about ten years time

Doping in GAA

I think it is time you went to bed, you are dreaming.
Irish Soccer is in a financial mess from top to bottom. LOI clubs are dicing with financial death and can’t afford to pay players. Irish Club rugby tried paying players and they too got into a mess. Rugby was only saved when our provinces were allowed to become “clubs” and benefited from TV money.
Ireland doesn’t have the population to sustain professional hurling and football


It’s time you had some caffeine . The top 8 will be semi professional in 10 years . The LOI generates the same income as an Iranian gin salesman . Yet still has players playing professionally
The GAA generates tens of millions and doesn’t have the money ? Cmon seriously ?
This current model is not sustainable and it’s all the GAAs fault . They had a chance to nip the car crash that’s coming in the bud 15 years ago and ignored it. Now they are sitting on a monster they can’t control


As soon as you introduce pay for play you open a Pandora’s box of issues. Employment law etc. transfers. No thanks.


And what about the top players from other counties the entering into the transfer market because one counties pay is more than anothers?


Ah bummer - don’t be scaring us. Imagine if that happened and then spread to club football …


Would never happen at club :joy:


But then the Leitrim hurlers (apologies to Leitrim hurlers) who train just as hard yada yada … you see where this is going

Doping in GAA
Doping in GAA

People have been saying that for at least a decade!

Doping in GAA

You can’t keep generating tens of millions of income off the back of players who give up their entire lives for nothing .
We could have ended up with a nice high level elite amateur sport where guys trained 3-4 days a week and could still play with their clubs
Now we have full time professionalism in everything but name because the GAA satin it’s hands and did nothing


I still don’t think pay for play is going to happen. Counties need to strike and agreement on how much lads can train and to row back from this OTT training and commitment for a handful of games a season.


Putting their careers on hold and some picking careers they don’t even want to just to be able to train and recover is lunacy . That’s not amateur

Doping in GAA

Propose a system which is fair, youll never get the top 8 being paid through congress. Not a snowballs chance in hell. The millions generated at least goes back into the GAA, there’s no one else getting rich off the back of it.


That is lunacy but it is personal choice, no one is making them do that.


But we are comfortable taking in huge sums on the back of them making these decisions.
Hmm not really fair in my opinion


Perhaps someone more informed than myself could answer this, but do the Dublin players get fed etc after training? Do they get their supps and protein etc supplied? Do a number of county players not get free cars? Holidays, do they count?

Is the game not already semi-pro, if they get these BIK’s. They can then spend their well earned money elsewhere if not paying for these things. Same as getting money IMO…and I’m all for it btw… they deserve every bit of it.

Perhaps receiving cold hard cash feels ethically different…but the result is the same…


How many tens of thousands are spent getting lads prepared from the age of 14 to hopefully play senior?

Who funded that?

There is no way two thirds of any congress in my lifetime will vote to pay players.


What if a Kerry Packer type figure came along. Offered wads of cash to the top 150-160 players to have 8 franchises around the country. The only barrier is a suitable stadium. Reduce the teams to 11-a-side and I’m sure the rugby stadiums around the country would be interested. Pay-per-view on Sky.