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American college football does and more


guys who are heading for 11m per annum :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you seen what the head coaches are paid in college ball or the sponsorship deals for the palyers ?


The vast, VAST majority of college players, no matter what the sport, do not go professional.


It’s not the same thing Alan . They retire at 22if they don’t make it

Doping in GAA

Really only a handful of GAA players play in front of crowds of 80,000 ever, let alone regularly. Think 6 million to the GPA to look after players is more then enough.


Tayto without the inter county scene there is no revenue. The sponsorships all come off it.
Look at the revenue the Dublin footballers generate for example . They could quite easily turn around and say where’s my cut.


They might not like the answer. Plenty of very good players happy to wear their county jersey without demanding even more.


I understand the revenue is driven by intercounty as well as the majority of the hype/media attention, but the players accept it’s an amateur sport. Lots of sports people train hard without financial gain. If anything counties should be looking at ways of dialing back the training regimes, introducing more games and less training at every grade.


Amateur triathletes don’t have 80k paying customers Tayto. It is unique


The old " every one in Croke Park gets paid except the players" rubbish. It is not true. A lot of people who work in the stadium on match days do so as volunteers. Yes because of security and safety there are some are paid but the stewards are not paid nor are the GAA staff who come in on their rest days with no pay and definitely no overtime. The Referee is not paid other than a 50 cent a mile car allowance and a pittance to provide meals for his umpires. A lot of Referees actually lose money taking part in their hobby at inter county level, club refs get more expenses.

Doping in GAA

People don’t pay in to watch volunteers or referees . That’s the bottom line
Take away the players the stadium is a Mausoleum


But crowds are holding up for all the big games, the GAA is as popular as ever. Why change things now, 133 years on?


Absolutely Snowcat. If the people who were there when it started were unhappy we’d be hearing about it from them …


A spinning noise from the graves!


Fidget spinning!

Doping in GAA

I’ve run marathons in front of a bigger crowds than any team will get in croke park this season, or any season. 20,000 amatures will do likewise in Dublin this year.


Did they pay to see you run ?


Nope, but you do get similar paying attendances to see amature athletes in many sports not just athletics. It’ll be the same in London this year for the world championships which will be packed with amatures.

Nobody forces a player to be an jntecounty one, they get their rewards in perhaps a form of shamaturisim.

Which reminds me, the Irish rugby team got massive paying crowds when they were amatures. So did the provinces.


It’s not the same thing . Rugby went professional . So will this in some shape or form


Irish rugby went professional to compete with the other nations. That doesn’t apply in the gaa.

Besides, what professionalism does rugby have anyway, four teams?

The league of Ireland couldn’t do,professional.

Does the gpa seriously think that a professional level at intercounty is viable? Someone must be selling the, a monorail and magic beans.

A full time professional gaa player would need to be on enough money to ensure a standard of living in line with that status. Their teams will,have to generate that money for them and also be able to pay for the facilities neeðd for a professional team.

Nobody could do that on even a medium term.

I understand the fear but the reality is that it will not happen, anyone agitating for,it knows this and they are in it for something else.