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The more I read of this guy the more I like him

Doping in GAA

He’s certainly packing a lot into his life ! Did training the Carlow footballers push him to the spiritual side ?


It usually pushes you to the spirits side …


Noted this sentance in Colm O’Rourke’s article yesterday in Sindo

‘‘The substance which O’Sullivan tested positive for was from a tablet taken at half-time in the 2016 league final and is called methylhexaneamine which increases heart rate and blood pressure, is a muscle mass aid and a weight loss aid but is hardly something which is going to improve a forward like O’Sullivan’s ability to kick points’’.

It must be one fast acting chemical/drug , take it at half time and expect it to take effect ? If he wasn’t supposed to have this drug, how come he was able to take it at half time in the dressing room ? Clearly, something acts faster than Anadin

and now

Doping in GAA

He thought it was a caffeine suppository . That’s why he took it at half time


Four years includes club football too. Staggering really.

This could get very ugly. Fitzmaurice could well be firing the first shot of something that could go legal if they find out who leaked.

This one is going to run and run.



‘Players deserve to be paid for their efforts’ - Larkin


What a whinge. €6 million per year to the GPA and he’s still moaning?

He’s right about the drug testing though.


If you played at that level you might feel differently . No other amateurs bring 80,00 people to a stadium .


Fortunately I was brought up to believe that inter county is not the be all and end all of the GAA.


You’re not addressing the point really though . You can’t equate John joe who cuts the grass on the local pitch to a guy who plays in front of 80,000 on a regular basis

Doping in GAA

He’s wrong about the money but right about the drug testing … :joy:

Good man Alan


‘Deserve to be paid’? No.
Everyone playing Gaelic games knows it’s non pay for play. There’s provincial rugby and the League of Ireland to aim for if you want money.


There’s no Eoin Larkin without all the John Joe’s who get him there. And no one plays regularly in front of 80000. Maybe a few do, once or twice a year.

10 per cent of the per annum revenues go to 0.4 per cent of the membership.

They don’t need any more.


0.4 of the membership generate 90 percent of the income Alan .
They could argue they are underpaid


The Script headlined Croke Park but I take your point.


Alternately if they don’t support the aims and objectives of the GAA they can go off to the AFL OR soccer or rugby.