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Jaysus Keys is certainly the man to flog a dead horse to death while getting ink out of a stone and unfortunately not having it refuse paper …

Though this is a classic line which would not have been out of place in the diary …

“Aidan O’Shea was finding it hard to execute the relatively simple task of putting on a pair of football boots.”


They’ve mis-spelt AIG in the logo on his training top. That’s why he looks so sombre.




My favourite line.

"Jim was sitting on the couch when I got home that evening and he was looking at me and shaking his head. So I got it in the house never mind anywhere else.

Poor Jim, probably got a scalding from Mammy for shaking his mallet! :slight_smile:


Impossible!!! … being one for over half a century, it’s way too late to change now :+1:


Help is available.


I’ve tried, just doesn’t work …

Even Barca at their best and I still keep returning to the Yorkshire Moors … Maybe I’m doooooomed!!


stop being a Leeds fan as in stop being a blonde …

ps Leeds fan of 45+ years here …


Don’t the kids boots have a Velcro strap if you can’t tie the laces ? Thought that’s the style Aido wore ? No wonder putting on boots was a challenge , poor dote …


just been reading it in the times ireland, there was nothing short about his reply lol


are there any other sort of Leeds fans in ireland ??


We are all lost causes Lostcause…


AOS cant really help himself can he? Would of better off saying nothing at all about Holmes/Connolly situation. So much for Mayo keeping a low profile going into Championship


That Aido for ya. A closed mouth catches no flies, but then again it doesn’t get you twitter followers either.


Jim Flag says:
May 4, 2017 at 12:06 pm
Jim Gavin should resign now for his comments about the appointment of the ref. Either go or be pushed. Any decent man would have gone on 01st October when the Dublin based biased media had to step in to ensure that Sam stayed in Dublin.



My good Lord…


Ah here that’s only the tip of the iceberg. WJ had a right good rant & Dave (hi Dave) is on.his usual high horse too. Needed a giggle!:blush:


Where’s that from?


The same Dublin based “biased media” who wank themselves over the People’s Champions and the Guardian’s of the game


Where else but Mayo GAA Blog, howya lads :wave: