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Eh, Tayto, read his last line again. WHEN it’s played right. It doesn’t happen often but look at games like last year’s semi-final.
Reason I prefer football is just personal. It’s mano-a-mano, no extra equipment that helps you hit the ball a mile. And… one can see the bloody ball!




With all that diving, cheating and fannying about? Not any more it ain’t.

Hurley is mano-a-mano … with weapons!


also mano - coacho


Especially when coacho is loco


Goin’ loco down in Acapulco… which is in Wexico…


Pity this doesn’t appear in August or Sept


Disagree, think that actually it has worked against the counties who’ve moaned the most because they have lived in denial, and keep making the same mistakes. This will force them finally to up their game


Inter county’s biggest football star takes issue. with former inter county managers by two, and the frustration of trying to get two million followers on Twitter and why he could make the transition to Hollywood to star as himself.


Good lad Aidan, the sensible thing would have been to keep your mouth shut.

The self-destruct button is pressed yet again


To be fair, it sounds like hes been asked a question gave a quick reply and a journo has stretched and article out of it


He should have invoked the Ronan Keating clause…


its only words


Nah, you say it best when you say nothing at all


That’s not in the version I’m getting. Have you got a link? I’m not sure enough people in Hollywood would know him so I think that could work out badly.


Im sure you could write him a blurb to help him along.


Did he not cover this before?!


Much more important!!


Jaysus Blue Wheels it’s across two other threads with a further one locked … stop being a Leeds fan …


So Aidos daddy is a Jim. Daddy lying on the couch shaking his head.