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Mayo are more like the Colin Montgomerie of GAA. Both are insufferable arseholes. Who always bottled it when it mattered.


It’s incredibly honest though. Absolutely incredible. Don’t think I’ve seen such honesty in a long long time.

Mind you when Paul Curran was honest it was a media campaign …

Perhaps this is the start of a Mayo ‘pity campaign’ (see Examiner also) to soften up refs to give them Sam.


Caught the end of the interview on OTB. Jesus Gilroy was trying to force negative view out of him re Connolly, Dublin and the ref in AIF replay. To be fair to Keegan he tried to stay away from that nonsense from Gilroy. Got to the point where Gilroy was telling Keegan what Keegan himself was thinking. Gilroy really is an arse!!!


Caught the tail-end of the interview last night.

Keegan came across alright and didnt give too much away. Agree with you re Gilroy.


He fancies himself as a bit of a sports psychologist alright. he was laughable last week shitting on about the “media Campagin” run by dublin against leeroy last summer and against kerry last week, it was tinfoil hat stuff.


Heard it me self yesterday, Gilroy to Leeroy, "do you feel there was a campaign by Dubl… former Dublin players against you Lee?"
To Leeroys credit he didn’t get drawn on it, seems a very down to earth bloke, doesn’t hold grudges and just gets on with it.
Gilroy is pure comedy at this stage his bitterness towards Dublin is rediculous.
It’s a far better show when he’s not on.


Keegan came across very well I thought, the Garcia reference is a good analogy regarding Mayo.

The headline is misleading, there is so much spin in all aspects of sports journalism now it’s depressing


So Sergio had 73 attempts before he made it … I make it 2025 so … :grin:


Eamon sweeney and tin foil hats otherwise known as


Enjoyed that :blush:


The tinfoil hats of mayoblog are prevalent on the Kerry forum too .


That goes without saying, though in fairness to them they are not as mental as our Mayo cousins, who bring tinfoil hat to a new level.


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If Connolly is doing something wrong, maybe others should start to copy him…


So johnny C is the new roadie…


Such a great ethos Jim has instilled in this group, can this be extended beyond his term?


Great piece by Brolly. And he’s right, and that’s why I love football more than hurling.



Why? You like the way Kerry got away with cynically fouling Dublin to slow the attack? :yum:


Great piece but he’s wrong on that point