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COLM keys pays back Colm cooper for the scoop of his career. A free bit of propaganda for KOTF.


Whatever about ex-players, managers etc you’d wonder about these lads and the large vacuums whizzing around their heads … and what fills them. What weight could you give to the ramblings of someone who has had no experience of what they write. It’s like a fella who drives a Ford Fiesta writing about Formula One.


That would certainly apply to some of the podcasts floating around out there.


Sufferin jaysus did anyone hear otb this evening? Load of gash.


Cough , I did . Cough . Bewildering . So much Shi’ite from DOSe and James Horan and Gilroy . Aaaaaaaaaargh !!!’


A kerry and mayo man on whining about how Dublin get away with being cynical as everyone else … and gilroy lapping it up, saying no one ever mentions Dublin being dirty, and suggesting there’s a media conspiracy to influence referees. Feck sake. At least yerman McIntyre stood up to the waffle.


Was discussing it on the other thread talk about an agenda. It’s getting comical Ali at this stage


Who was the co commentator?


Mc Intyre


Keys is worth his 6ft 6" size in gold to the Kerry Independent. Next time I bump into him in Navan I’ll ask him for a signed autograph of the team … Bomber, Kissane, billygoat, TOSE and himself.


He has the Keys to the Kingdom …


Boom, Boom. But regardless I’d say the indo sports desk is one big happy place at the moment, everything is awesome when you’re living the dream. Ewan is happy over in brazil, hell he has even taking a few days off from been a busy ex journey of the year. Kerry are league champions with the big blue monkey of their back. All is now right with the world.


I sent email to him last Friday after that pile of manure he wrote on Friday. Have never done this before but was seriously aggravated with how they all jumped to EF’s tune last week particularly in the Kerry Independent. Wasn’t abusive or anything but took serious issue with the biased, unbalanced piece he wrote. Referenced various aspects that were just bang out of order if he wanted to be considered serious sports journalist. He did to his credit write back to me. Only aspect he seemed bothered about was my claim he was biased. Didn’t bother arguing anything else I had set out which as far as I’m concerned indicates him accepting that I was correct. Anyway does no harm from time to time to take these guys on.


Colm Keys that is not that other gobsh1te.


Fair play was going to do the same today but checked myself because I am actually happy for them to write what they want about kerry. As far as I am concerned we are doomed. Doomed. Doomed. Just hope some of our greats get a spot on Dancing with the Stars.


Connolly and Philly both failed the auditions fo kicking Des Cahill in the ankles and calling Des Bishop a Yankee knacker



Leeroy says send a picture…
Leeroy says say hello…
Leeroy says, keep on a-rockin’ girl…


Thankfully Sergio’s caddy didn’t lie down on the greens thumping the grass whenever he missed a putt …