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I was! But not in 2009 when he was air thumping to the hill! Tore the heart outta me. Still as been said already a fantastic footballer.


I’m sure Dennis would love to be compared to the Gooch! Brilliant Bosco! :smile:


[quote=“Bosco, post:751, topic:27”]
End of the day , hes the same amount of all ireland’s as Bastic.
[/quote]If we still had Quote of the Week…

Bualadh bos Bosco!


Dennis has 5 Inter County All Irelands… I don’t see Gooch with a Junior One now do you? :grin:


Does Gooch not have 5 all irelands, didn’t he get a token subs jersey in 2014 final. he had 4 won by 2009…


He does, he got a token medal against Donegal. Don’t think he even counts that himself.


Poor Marty is in tears on 1oc news . Marty is asked why Cooper is retiring - he goes on to say that he’s had a great career etc - it wouldn’t be in Marty’s interest to say - I dunno , I’m waiting for him to call me back

Btw the report said his last AI medal was in 2015 !


Yup … a runners up one …


Poor Marty all those gushy moments gooch gave him. Alas what to do? Maybe give him a job Marty like all the other animals.


This is ancient I know, but just see it now. It is possible that some parts of Cross have a Co Down postal address, I know other part of South Armagh do. It is because the handling post office is in the Co Down part of Newry. Notwithstanding that, it is unusally that the Independent actually specified a location, usually if is north of the border it is just NI to them.


Or worse, still… Ulster.


It’s pronounced “ULSHHTER”


Best thing that could ever have happened for this Kerry team, in the last 3 years they have often played better when he wasn’t available.




Poor Davy - I’d say he was even more pro that suggestion at 4 on Sunday …


Not a bad idea for scores from play alright.
If anything it would put a bit more pressure on the full back line because it would mean teams would have to push up and leave more space in behind.


Bastic/MDMA will have 5 all irelands if we win this year. EOG will ahve 4. MDMA also has an all ireland club.

amazing to think that Gooch is that close to these guys


and MDMA is a POTY.


Who would decide if the ball was kicked from fully outside the 45 line, or on the line, or whatever. Two points is almost a goal (I did higher level sums) so you would have to have a hawkye type system in place.


How many medals has Cormac Costello or Eric Lownes got