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Great comment by Brolly! :laughing:


He’s a master of the quip alright. Can’t listen to OTB anymore it’s just a snore fest of long winded questions theses days


Yea, it’s poor enough but they do get some interesting guests on from time to time.


Good read here , I reckon Maxis job as sports psychologist would be put to good use in Kerry . They’ve been asking the question of when will that lad fxxk off & stop breaking our hearts :joy::joy:


I’ll just leave this here, shall I?

Pat Gilroy had an interest in becoming Director General.


That was reported on at the time and from what i recall he actually interviewed for the job.

He had some very good ideas in there. But the GAA doesn’t really do radical.


He would have beena breath of fresh air for sure. Duffy to me seems to be like a career politician.


I missed that at the time tbh.
It’s all ‘if’s, but’s & maybe’s’ now but, aside from the opportunity lost at national level, I can’t help but wonder if we’d have made the AI breakthrough when we did if he had actually got the national gig?
Selfish, I know, but the GAA’s loss was ultimately the county’s gain.


They don’t do Dubs having high office, either. Or becoming top inter-county referees.


I think the huge crowd up in Cavan showed the way forward for the GAA. One league based competition where the top x number of teams play each other home and away would be a far better format then the current shambles of a season.


I wouldn’t get too carried away by crowds just yet.

We have had some pretty abysmal Croker league attendances in the last few years.


In my opinion, there won’t be a whole lot more Dubs in Croker on Saturday night as there was in Breffni Park yesterday.


Well, Im hoping to go so maybe one more!


The reality is Cavan people came out in droves to see us . Some of the genuine fans in Cavan were happy we put out a strong team and the Dublin players spent a long time after taking pictures and signing autographs


Goes to show what a marketing opportunity it is.


I think Giller would have done a savage job.


Maybe but a 7 point win away from home in our first league game was a good job anyway.


It’s the indo,so I wouldn’t wipe a shitty arse with it, let alone read it, but I remember that time very well… Gilroy was believed to have been the best candidate, interviewed very well, broadly earmarked for the position but the final decision was not handed to him because of his ethos was not in line of HQ’s way of thinking.


A lot of Dubs living in Virginia and the likes also (poor fella’s…)


Gilroy was in final three. Duffy. Gilroy and McKenna from Croke Park. His drawback was that he wasn’t working on the inside track like the other two.