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And now the bit about his phase of hating MH after being dropped.

He got a bit of slagging for not being the sharpest…but at least he was a bit different.

He also said he couldn’t survive in today’s game with the fitness, commitment and tighter defence.


Now you’re asking…

In the first game, he scored into the Canal end.

In the replay, he scored into the Hill, then walked away acting as if nothing happened.

Before his solo goal in the first game, he was close to being dropped.

What odds for a player to run past 3 or 4 Dublin defenders now??


And live? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great stuff Daller, good man for posting all that, lovely to sit back pre-Christmas in these days of plenty, of wine and roses for us, and get all nostalgic about the days of yore. Even if, as Proudy says, those weren’t such days to look fondly upon until after the ultimate glory started to come.

Before I comment further, is it just me (here by the pool in the sticky heat and glaring sun of Vietnam :sunglasses: ;-)), or is there a bit missing from the first piece you posted?

Regarding the Mugsy (and I liked him. Like in an older brother to annoying youngfella sense, roish, not a blonde-admirer mincing one :$) goals, Dublin’s defending for the Oscar-winning all-time money-shot, greatest gah moments video one in the first game was embarrassing, you could say it was typical of our soft underbelly at the time, though I admired our approach+still do in hindsight, and fair-play to Chubsy,he took it sweet, great finish.

The goal in the 2nd game was purely down to us chasing the game, lack of discipline at the back, and Paddy Christie being out injured. OK he slotted it well, unchallenged from 6 yards.
Your selective recall of ‘and just didnt react after scoring’ leaves out the fact that Chubsy walked behind the goal, and stood in triumph eye-balling the Hill.

In one sense we could’ve hated him for it, I had mixed feelings at the time, Down’s MCartan+Blaney bellyslides in front of the Hill at the end of the 94 final were still fresh enough (and remain in the bank for some, probably distant day of retribution),but looking back it’s one of the iconic moments of Croker history for me,classic gladiator+Romans stuff, he didn’t rub it in too much, his reaction to such a moment was understandable, and in his action he perfectly defined and encapsulated the significance, the pure intensity of the moment, just on the borderline of triumph Vs vanquished.

For you looking back Daller, and I’d be the first to admit our experiences Vs Tyrone in that era perhaps more than anything helped motivate+shape the changes/improvements from 2010 on, how do you view some of the defining moments of that great period for yourselves? I’d especially like to read your view of 2008, including the Qtr Final of course(pre+post),the semi-final Vs Kerry in 03,and some of your many Armagh clash moments. Call it an early Xmas box to me!


Drawn match deffo Canal End. It’s imprinted in my brain.



Yeah…the thing to remember about Gaelic Life is that it’s for an ulster readership…with Kevin Cassidy and Brian McGuigan writing. So expect a fair bit of interviews with players from the 00s.

You could be sitting hear in 10 yrs reminiscing about how great Dublin used to be!

2005: I thought Dublin were going to win at one stage. That ulster final replay against Armagh took its toll until the goal from Mugsy changed the game. S O’N was the better player that game and that year…but that goal made Mugsy.

2008: After scraping past w’meath and Dolan’s fluffed chance in Omagh…I thought Dublin would win. Were they favourites? Remember stopping of in a monsoon in Cavan to get diesel and the girl wishing us well to beat the dubs!

Colm McCullagh ran the show that day.

Dublin back then reminded me of Liverpool…great at times but always suspect at the back. 2010 was a throw away.

But Dublin got their payback since 2008. Was in Omagh when BB put the nail in the coffin and helped to relegate Tyrone,…or destroying tyrone in CP etc, etc.

Thing is: you might never see a Dublin side as good as this. Enjoy it while it lasts.


Christ…they were the days…!


Actually remember Mulligans goal into Hill very clearly. Dublin had come from I think it was 8 points down in second half. As each point went over the noise level grew. We had Tyrone on the rack. A Dublin goal at that point would have buried Tyrone. Think we had it back to one point.

Dublin kick out after Tyrone wide was where it all came crashing down. Cluxton sent kick out to Declan Lally in acres of space out towards Hogan. Instead of attacking the ball Lally stood there and waited. It was his ball all day if he had stepped towards it. Tyrone player nipped in, loads of space ahead of him and Played ball into Mulligan. Mulligan at this point had dragged / pulled OShaughnessy back from getting out to the ball. Should have been free. Mulligan was too strong for him. Ball back of the net & game over. Lally had talent but bit like that Dublin team were short on the mental side in those big games. Should never have lost that ball.


Those games v Tyrone were really great occasions.

One thing that stuck in my head re Mulligan was him applauding the Hill, I think it was after the replay in 05.


Unbelievable atmosphere.

We were rode for the peno given against O’Shaughnessy though.


It was a terrible kick out in my view.


Not to mention Al Brogan off injured early… We must have really sounded very sorry for ourselves those days.

Daller sure as night follows day, it won’t be long before we are indeed looking back when a quiet spell or a famine comes along.

Have to take you to task about 2010, not thrown away in my book, Dublin’s tactical set-up and swarming forced alot of errors. That and your boys having declined since winning Ulster in 2009.

Have you no comments about any of Tyrone’s other huge days, as respectfully requested… :-B


Disagree 100%. That kick out was on the money. No two ways about it. Perfect view from behind the Hill goal.


There we go! The famine is coming. Won’t be long now. We’re doomed.

Dear oh dear! :slightly_smiling_face:


We got a large slice of Luck in 2010 re our goal to be fair. Game was in the melting pot at that point.


Sorry Al…I meant the semi v Cork was the one you threw away in that had the dubs won, you’d have beat Down.

But to go down memory lane…the semi v Armagh in 2005 was the hardest, most intense game I’ve been to.

The two sides had already met in the Ulster final, which Armagh won in the replay.

The bit at the very end, were Mulligan gave the ball to Peter C for him to score the free to win the game, was nail biting.

There’s a framed picture in my local restaurant showing a reverse angle of PC taking that free in the last minute.

After that game, I really fancied Tyrone against Kerry in the final. Armagh were some outfit then.

Interestingly…Mugsy was the only forward available in 2006. The rest were injured, and PC had retired.


Incredible noise that day. Probably the loudest I’ve ever heard Croker.

Was it the replay where Ryan McMenniman headbutted Jayo at HT


I said at the time, that 2010 was the first time I’d saw the 03-08 Tyrone look old.

Medals counted for little that day against a ravenous Dublin side.

Had Dublin held their nerve for 2 mins v Cork…I don’t think Down stood a chance in the final.

But maybe that loss was part of their learning process for their current success.


I saw Jason in a hotel a while back where he works…one near the Red Cow.

Was tempted to say something to him, only felt a bit stupid.

Still looks like he could kick a ball.