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Having us in the Nell will for sure drive attendance figures down that’s why it will never happen. Money talks.


The details of this tweet are probably in the link to the article above but just for the record…

Thankfully someone asks…

Which gets the reply…

Those numbers should be interesting.


And we assume he will note that development grants includes cumman na mnunscoil, go games and cul camps in which there are many (if not the vast majority in cnb) unregistered players.


As usual though a jounalist is quick to post the clickbait wind up anti dublin “facts” but as for the real facts… Ah yeah ill get back to you in a few weeks about that. IE - never.

Bet there will be a big sunday world splash based on that tweet though.


The Sunday World … lawks! No doubt the Tallent one will be checking out the laundering angle.


When he finds all his figures he might give exact numbers on the money wasted on a heap of shite in C#rk and the money that finds it way into boots of cars in Galway.


Assuming the above figures don’t include the GPO wages in the counties outside Dublin which are funded by the provincial councils and not by the counties themselves.


Considering the tweet says the following “grants directly from Croke Park” I wouldn’t assume it does.


yeah, its a very precise message. Not sure by the way if that is his own bit of paper, I’m sure i’ve seen it elsewhere yesterday.

in any event, it is just an updated version of the one that has been floating around for years and being used by people who dont understand the figures, what they are for, or anything else and simply want to “stop dublin” simply because they “dont like dublin winning”

the opinion is formed first, the reasons for it come later.


That argument was shot to pieces years ago. This time every year when the report comes out the same leaches crawl out of the woodwork where they intentionally or somewhat unfortunately fail to have the guile to notice the difference between registered and unregistered players.

There is no causal link between an investment in capital participation rates, which often includes multi sport denominated schools and intercounty success.

The history of football and hurling is significantly titled towards mono cultural counties where a naturally low number of elite players produced in a given period get drafted into one game.

I doubt Kerry are overly worried what Dublin are doing at underage.



Is Sean McGoldrick not himself from Dublin? I always thought he was one of the more balanced journalists (and not just because I thought he is from Dublin.


Seems a bit off-key alright


No mention of a hurling wall


That would be a skills wall if there is one planned as TSS are football only.


25k to sit next to Aido. Seems a bit cheap. I wonder how much a seat next to Hennelly costs?


An All Ireland Medal?


Fair fucks to them


Indeed. Great way of fundraising.

On another note and I won’t paste link, but I read an article with Paddy Cullen interviewed and he said this.

’Cullen, who expects to see Diarmuid Connolly back before the summer and sees no issue with Stephen Cluxton missing the first three games of the League as he takes an extended break, feels there is relevance to the weekend result’.

I wonder is his remark about Connolly taking out of context?


I wonder how he’d know? He wouldn’t exactly be in the loop of Diarmuid’s closest friends I suspect :flushed: