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Maybe we should demand the GAA build us a 30,000 stadium in Dublin. We (the fans) have funded the GAA enough over the last 20 years. I’d love to see the attendances / revenue of Dublin games.


rumour has it , the spawell will go ahead, just not sure when


“but it’s now clear that the public have grown tired of turning out to see teams well beaten by Dublin.”
Not a mention on why the country’s biggest Gaa county -Cawrk- can only attract less than 7000 for 2 games in parc de frank.


Mayo in three Super 8 games would have lifted the overall attendance by at least 60k. The semi-final was down 27k because of Galway - anyone like Mayo or Tyrone would have filled Croker and Laois did not travel either. So Mayo in the Super 8s this year and maybe a semi as well as Kildare or Meath in a Leinster final and figures would be back to 2017 levels. #don’tpanic


and yet - as pointed out above - attendances in The Greatest Year of Hurling, Ever ™ - are DOWN almost 5% despite there being many more matches :thinking:

how to link that to Dublin… how to link that to Dublin…gotta link that to Dublin… help me Obi Wan MacKenna, you’re my only hope!


They’ll be down more if they take Dublin out of Croker .Ah , to return to the days when we annually got our arses handed to us while we lived in hope and Croker was filled with over 80k for Leinster semi final and the likes . We ruined it for everybody , god love them .


Hurling attendances had been down for a while too. Funnily they never blamed it on Kk’s dominance as far as I recall? Munster Champ attendances used to make up at least half the total and those dropped off hugely since the qualifiers came in.


If you actually look at gate receipts for the last ten years it paints a different picture. 2017 was an exceptional year. To judge other years off of it would be a mistake. 2018 had the third highest gate receipts of the previous 10 years. Here is a graph showing the figures from 2009 to 2018.


There is absolutely no need to panic over these results. The trend would seem to suggest that gate receipts have grown to about the 29-30 million mark, with occasional higher or lower results. I’d only start to get worried if we saw several years returning receipts below 29 million.


Great post @Hochopepa and very interesting figures. Us, Mayo and replays a big factor too probably. We need refs to go back to blowing up when teams are level … even if there are 10 minutes to go … €€€:wink:


Good man @Hochopepa ruining their perfectly good bullshit with your facts…

More lazy journalism consigned to the slurry pit where it belongs





that red fella from kerry that works for off the wall is some can of piss, his dislike for Dublin is unreal, and now with the donkey on board for newstalk I can only imagine the amount of anti-Dublin tripe we’ll have to put up with for the rest of the year , their up here in the capital , takin our jobs, ( not that i’d want to work for that pox denis o brien ) robbin our women , and takin our money. show some balance for ■■■■ sake


It should be noted we only have a population of 135K…there are 15 counties with bigger populations than us although I do take a point made that there are probably as many Mayo fans living outside the county who also support the team religiously.

Anyway the GAA should be thankful they have Dublin and Mayo fans and will be hoping for a meet this summer no doubt.


15 counties with bigger populations almost all of whom have much more favourable conditions for their county teams in terms of players based in the county or having to travel small distances to train etc. But still they whinge.


Fact is there were more matches last year. And that average attendance per fixture is down almost 6000.

There is something to worry about here. Maybe not major. But this year will tell a tale.


From the above - The average attendance for the 2016 championship was 13,146

The average attendance at last year’s (2018) football championship games was down from 19,049 to 13,225

So it’s still up on 2016 … and I thought the big bad Dubs were chasing everyone away! Incidentally, attendances fell in 9 of the previous 10 years prior to 2016.


Exactly and some of Dublin’s neighboring counties are the biggest whingers.


In 2017 Mayo got to the final via two replays along the way, say what you like about them but they absolutely travel in numbers, in 2018 their absence after the Super 8’s had an impact. That game in Newbridge also had an impact due to the reduced capacity issue.

Last year also Galway fans didn’t travel in big numbers for the football semi final (54,000) which compared to 82,000 V Monaghan the year before. This was attributed at he time to Galway being in the Hurling final 7 days after the football Semi Final and also having won the hurling semi final replay 6 days before the football match.

Single year on year comparisons can be skewed by one off incidents, but the trend over the period from 2009-2018 is still upwards which is undeniable.


I think if Dublin progress to the semifinal at least in the summer then attendances will be up as despite all the years of begrudgery and moaning media everyone will want to come out to see the team that might make history. Or be there the day(s) they finally get taken down.