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I mean would they be really missed…


“The prospect of the All-Ireland champions having to uproot to play a home match in another county will potentially highlight the stadium deficit in the city”

Such fcuking shite from Keyes. Build a fcuking stadium for one game. Clown. Look at the mess in Cork. Parnell Park will suit us just fine.


Not really. It’s much too far away to be of any use. Donegal Catch goes soggy as soon as the vinegar hits it & Wee Daniel hasn’t had a decent album in 5 years, so yeah, they’d be no loss.

Can we have whatever county the Banbridge outlet centre is in? Seems like a fair trade.


With all due respect and obvious paternal bias, Donegal and it’s scenery is the best on the world in my book so it’s very much an intergal part of this country.

The machinations of the Donegal County Board are a wee bit embarrassing on this issue but the GAA has well & truly made their bed on this one. Great to see that our own County Board stays mute on this one.

Will be interesting to see how this all turns out.


Ah here. You don’t think we are being serious do you?

I suppose the Donegal Catch are borderline edible …if you dunk them in garlic Mayo. :+1:


Sometimes around here it’s hard to know, not even sure I was being serious myself…


We know you weren’t. No way any scenery in the Hills of Donegal could ever match the view from the Hill of Clonliffe Rd, watching Clucko lift Sam again.


We couldn’t do it to Donegal…

Cork however is another story!


Or Kerry.

They can have that shower for free and we wouldn’t even want anything as a trade.


Ah no, let’s keep Kerry, the look of pain and anguish every August/September is special


Where would you go on your holliers


Abroad. To Kerry


They can still be a part of the AI championship. If London & New York are, no reason why Kerry can’t be too.


No surprise yer man name checked ourselves as a reason attendances were down. They were up when we were going on those long qualifier runs every year.


Actually Hurling gate receipts fell as well (by just over 4.3%). Not nearly as much as the football, but still a loss.

Is also worth noting that despite the greater loss in football gate receipts, football still made up over 65% of all gate receipts. Even with the round robin Hurling provincial championships they are still a long way back on attendances.


Interesting though I wouldn’t be hitting the panic button yet. Mind you we can’t blame the weather … or maybe we can! Maybe it was too nice to go to games instead of the beach. The Dubs’ continued dominance is undoubtedly a factor, as was Mayo’s absence - but I think there is also a dissatisfaction as grassroots level.


Is this the same Donegal Co Board who was objecting to the Home, Away and one game in Croker. Yet it turned out the original idea came from them?


That must from 2014 when they beat us? :joy:


Think there are a few factors to take into account, there was a big replay between Kerry and Mayo in 2017. The Mayo Kildare game was played in Newbridge, deffo would have brought in 20 or 30k more had it been played in croker. Galway were in the semis of both codes and choose not to go the football semi. I Still dont think its a good idea to push up prices.


They have history on this kinda nonsense. A journo - think it may have been Malachy Clerkin - recalled last summer how Donegal had the hump, possibly as far back as the early noughties, about us getting the ‘home’ Croker dressing room…seems they conveniently thought they’d claim ownership based on being alphabetically ahead of us - in English. As Gaeilge, however, was a different story and, as was (and maybe still is?) the way, Áth Cliath were entitled to the home dressing room.

Is it really that long ago since the mantra was that ‘any player worth his salt wants to play in Croke Park’?

Pat Gilroy, Stephen Cluxton, Diarmo, Bernard Brogan, Alan Brogan, Flynner, ROC, CK, Fento, Jack Mc, Philly, COS, Paul Mannion, Jim Gavin…would yis look at what yis have done?! They’re running scared - in February! :sunglasses: