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I think its great that the lads can be out enjoying themselves, sure they are only human afterall,


… don’t put the blame on them, don’t put the blame on them.


Uh oh. Looks like Pugboy’s been nipping at the sherry trifle again. John Costello is now a pig in Animal Farm apparently. Who knew? Guess that’s why we keep we keep bringing home the bacon every September then so. Maith an fear John, maith an fear.


Believe me that individual has as much relevance to John as something he might scrape off the bottom of his shoe. A figure of ridicule.


Does he realise libel laws also apply to Twitter :thinking:


As Dubby9 said, of no interest to John. He is way above any shitehawkery that clown can even try to rise from him. BTW PD, I don’t read that twits ideas, I suggest you do too, it leads to a much easier life!!!


Oh, I like a good laugh every now & then.

Read it for free at Insomnia. Not gonna post a link here & add to the Indo’s ad revenue stream.




Hey, I have principles.



Ah McKenna the Lord haw haw of so called ‘online sports journalism’. He must of had a bad hangover to write that piece.


Seen the headline on indo site alright , wouldn’t lower myself to read it .A cunning stunt of the highest order .Heard of gonzo journalism ?? pugboy is gobshite journalism.


Likewise refuse point blank to read any of the sh1te that pox writes. Clicking on his articles is what gets him his next gig and the next one and so on. Don’t click on / read his articles! You know the sh1te that he spouts whatever the topic. Ignore him and there is a chance the pox will eventually disappear. Simples :grinning:


He really is a sad individual. He really as chip on his shoulder over us.


You can’t take the indo seriously. The sports editor in his own Twitter Acc is lambasting Neil Francis for his article last Sunday. An article which he presumably okayed.


interesting, Keyes raises the very real prospect of Dublin-v-Mayo QF round 2 being in the nell.

But - and the GAA loves a but - he refers to another motion coming in to congess

Elsewhere in the list of motions released yesterday, a proposal sought to enshrine the Central Competition Controls Committee’s role in approving home venues for all championship games, once criteria set out by the National Facilities/Health and Safety Committee are in place.

which will give the aul CCCC the final say and ensure any big revenue matches such as Mayo --v-- dublin will be in HQ.



Can’t link from my phone but there’s an article on the Independent App that goes a long way towards explaining why ticket prices have gone up so much. Big decline in revenue and attendances last year. How they think hiking prices might solve that is another day’s work.

The football average attendance stat is frightening. 19000 average in 33 games in 2017. 13000 average in 39 games in 2018.


No way will a possible Dublin v Mayo championship game be I’m not in Croke Park. Too much money at stake. I don’t think we would even be given a home game v Dublin in a super 8 game because MacHale Park despite holding 35,000 wouldn’t be deemed big enough.


There would be no health and safety issue with an all ticket game in PP. If the Donegals want our home game there so be it. Let’s do exactly what the flower bags did last year. #Nellornowhere


For anyone bar Donegal I’d agree however if it’s Donegal I’d nominate Thurles (Seeing as PUC is in a heap). See if the smart mouthed pricks are happy then with that journey. Long aul spin from Letterkenny


Its only 120,000 people. Hurling crowds were up I’d say. Also Mayo didn’t make last 8 - easily worth half that figure above. I don’t think it’s disastrous considering - but I’d have no doubt the price increase is more to do with the clusterfcuk that is Cork.