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Clarified that there …


When we played Galway in Tuam 2 weeks ago, some of their fans and Galway bay fm commentators were almost laughing at the amount of mayo fans that showed up…in Salthill 2 years ago their fans were giving out about a giant mayo flag in their stadium…ffs we are fans and there to create color, noise and atmosphere…:their fans have this stuck up attitude. Hope we beat em this year.

In the Dublin v Mayo battles the atmosphere was second to none…stadium was bouncing. Thought the Dublin v Galway semi last year was boring and flat.


The atmosphere in the 2015 semi final replay against yourselves @mayoman was immense


Especially when we scored our third goal


Galway have made one semi final in last 18 years. He be better off worrying about his own county than Dublin.:wink:


Galway & Cork football fans wouldn’t fill a phone box .




was in Salthill last year for the Dubs League match and it was atrocious, Galway played defensive, the dubs ran down blind alleys normally into each corner and then recycled the ball back out past the 50 and ran down the same blind alley again and again. Plenty of Dubs there that day, atmosphere was not great due to the poor display on the field, we stole a draw in the end having not played well at all, so maybe Galway are thinking they should have won in Salthill and would have a better chance of winning in front of 11 or their won fans and 7500 of the other teams fans


I think Dublin and Galway had qualified for league by time that game was played in Salthill? Cluxton, Scully, Howard, Con, Mannion, COS didn’t play and Fenton came off the bench. Galway would have done a lot more training than Dublin at the time too.


Dublin: Evan Comerford; Michael Fitzsimons, Philip McMahon, David Byrne; Eric Lowndes, John Small, Jonny Cooper (0-01); Michael Darragh MacAuley, James McCarthy; Ciarán Reddin, Ciarán Kilkenny (0-05), Paddy Andrews (0-01); Colm Basquel, Dean Rock (0-02, 0-02 frees), Paddy Small (0-01, 0-01 free).

Subs: Brian Fenton for Lowndes (half time), Cormac Costello (0-02, 0-02 frees) for Rock (48, black card), Conor McHugh (0-01, 0-01 free) for Reddin (50), Emmet Ó Conghaile for MacAuley (59), Eoghan O’Gara for Paddy Small (63), Andrew McGowan for John Small (67).

Thats the team that started against Galway that day,wasnt our strongest by any means


He also said little between Galway and Dubs.9 points I think after a last minute goal for Galway!!
Unfortunately we will have to listen to this crap all year until we do the fiver.


agree not our strongest team at all but the game was terrible, Galway away for the first time in years, the craic is always good down there, sure rumour had it McCaffrey and Fenton were seen wobbling out of McDonalds about 2.30am :slight_smile:


Careful now. It’s Galway. You aren’t allowed say “McDonald’s” there anymore there.

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I’d love to know who put him up to it.
Was it Kevin Walsh himself, the bauld Breheny, or maybe Paddy Tally before he got head hunted by eh, Down.



And then people think our lads not giving interviews is a bad thing.


For sure. Any interview a player gives these days is choreographed and agenda driven. Same for us, albeit ours is benevolent. Jim was ahead of the curve on this. He hasn’t given them any ammo in years, if at all.

Got to laugh at all these ‘journos’ complaining about lack of access to players, when this is the shite they pedal.


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it was probably his dream as a pup to play in croker against the Dubs like many others, but that’s out the window now if it means helpin to stop the drive for 5, and that’s what its all about


Mannion and Jack were both out injured and were in the Quays bar alright having the craic, Fenton wasn’t with them though.

In fairness to them they were both present at the game too in their casuals and at the ground earlier than I was.