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So you think doing inane interviews makes them more connected?


If that was the case people would have lost the connection with soccer teams years ago, it baffles me that people tend to suggest crowds going down is due to the football being played or the lack of characters playing the game, but ignore totally the effect that playing more games last year had, or the fact that there was a few games for the first time in championship football that were meaningless for some teams, so clearly it was going to affect crowds.


In any case there are plenty of engagements through Dublin GAA where players can answer questions and do interviews comfortably knowing that there are no agendas.


Let’s leave it because I am talking about an aspect of a creeping general transfer of power to managers of GAA teams…while everyone who replied is only talking about the treatment of the Dublin footballers by some sections of the media, which I fully agree is a problem! If you leave the DUBS out of it, the discussion might be different. Or maybe not.


If the media could employee journalists in the same manner as Con then the world would be a much better place in my humble opinion. Today as someone said it all we have is click bait with a controversial headline designed to invoke some bias etc.
Sports writing in Ireland is a shambles, its car crash TV such as dumbed down celebrity jungle and other nonsense.
Time for the Journalists to revert to being actual journalists with some insight and intelligence as opposed to the tripe that’s trotted out on media feeds multiple times a day


I think it’s much wider that sports journalism. It’s across the board - all journalism.


Not a bad insight into the rule changes,


I’ll leave this here.


its gas these items being brought up, sure only a while ago the whinging was that other teams never got the chance to play in Croker. If you want to test yourself against the best it should be done on the best pitch and arena in the country


I have vivid memories of the Armagh and Tyrone lads talking about how they loved playing the Dubs in the QF of the All Ireland as it set them up nicely for a tough battle against Kerry in the SF or Final.

They had no doubt they’d beat us but it was great to play in a full house full of Dubs for their lads to get the experience before the tougher tests came.

As usual, it suited them all when we were whipping boys.


Its alright agaisnt Galway when they dont show up but against mayo.kerry and Tyrone weve had full houses and not a hope in hell the GAA would swap 82000 for 45000 in Thurles or Pairc Ui Chaoimh and rightly so

Where do they think their funding comes from anyways ?


Won’t be long now before they’ll want the final moved


Sent that on to my Galway friends…I said ye are afraid to play Dublin like the rest of the country. Also Galway along with cork for a big county have the worst traveling football supporters in Ireland…glory hunters who will only travel for a final.

I hope we get to play Dublin this year in a semi final or final :wink:


I remember supping Stout in Meaghers in 2002 in the blazing sunshine before we played Armagh, some atmosphere and the width of the post, Cosgrove never hit those heights again, he had some year to be fair to him


sure the finals as well lol


"There are three or four teams behind Dublin that are fairly close to them. They can be beaten. You saw Monaghan in the league last year, they beat them.

yeah, and where did that happen, genius?


Talk about a defeatist mentality.

Note to Kyne: It doesn’t matter where we play you we will hammer you every time because we are a far better football team.


Should have left it where it came from.


By far, Mayo have been the team to play with the least amount of fear against Dublin in the Championship (especially in Croke Park) during these heady days for Dublin.


Couldn’t help it chief. Couldn’t help it!