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Not a fan of the rinse and repeat merchant that is Breheney but he is sticking by his scoop. He asks a very legitimate question no doubt directed at Off the Boil crew.

“What harm have Holmes and Connelly done by telling it as they saw it? After all, they were the ones at the receiving end of a blunt demand to the county board that their one-year stint as joint-managers not be extended.”


Is this online daller?


off the boil are consistant in this - they always side with the players in a heave and never the management (although they seemed to have a problem with the GPA earlier this year).

there are mayo fans clinging to the john “i love mayo footballers” fogarty even more than when he is attacking dublin over this. it’s like he is a comfort blanket instead of someone writing for a rival newspaper in his article.

again, the only question in this is are the lads telling the truth? The whole “the were wrongfully appointed” thing as well as “that galway ■■■■■■■ in the indo” is just a smokescreen. Funny, it turns out that one of their cardinal sins (the leaving of the match tactics in a hotel) was done by a player and not them…


Yeah it’s online but there’s a paywall.

I have the pdf version. But Mulligan also gives off about MH, speaks about playing Dublin, their players, fans etc.

ps if there’s no issues with admin, I can upload the doc.


When does Anthony Cunningham lift the lid on Galway Hurling coup 2015, and I know if anyone thinks Connelly and Holmes felt aggrieved it’s nothing in comparison to Cunningham’s opinion of certain officers and players involved in Galway hurling still


Tony is a fantastic man, passion for the game is infectious


He is that, he was ahead of his time back when he was looking after my age group…


Stick her up.

There’ll be no objections :slight_smile:

Speaking of Mulligan. Did you attend Donaghys book launch at his pub recently? Brolly was there and wrote an article about it :smiley:


humbug…it’s saying I can’t upload a pdf. Must have to convert to a jpeg or something. Maybe the mods can advise?

I didn’t go to the book launch but was in Easons and read part of the book for free - I know, a cheap skate. My wife went shopping so I sat there for a while reading it.

Might be tempted to buy it.

But he’s been up here a few times as his father’s side is from Beragh. He’s meant to be very likeable in person.


Crowd surfing page to buy Daller Mugsy’s book?



Jesus. Yawny McFookin Yaawwwwn. Brolly stoops to laddish back-slapping non-stories about how we’re all mates really but that Shtar fella’s a bould scamp.Lazy insult to his own intelligence


Dub09…the trick is knowing when to leave Easons just before the Manager asks if you intend to buy that book.



Just dawned on me that was in Mulligan’s pub…jeez I’m getting slow.

I didn’t know it was on…and it’s not that far.

And not far from Donaghy’s home place either. (The badness in him comes from the Kerry mother).

I read the article that Al posted from Joe Brolly, and Joe must’ve spent the night trying to memorise as many anecdotes to show what a down to earth spud he really is. A lazy article all right.

‘Clean aff’ as the father in law would say.


Well Daller don’t worry - not in a million years would you get a free book at them things … even if you wrote it.

I heard they sold 2 books but one was returned at the end of the night - it is believed the guy read it while Brolly was anecdoting people to death. I’m guessing it was your brother. :wink:

@cheapskatenordies part deux …


Well Dub09…here’s the article from EM on playing the Dubs.

He said the dubs never got into verbals…

I was at that game in 05 when the dubs came back in the second half and the noise was deafening. It really felt the tide had turned until mugsy scored into the hill.


Fair play Daller - that’s good stuff. Dubs fans always like a character and Mugsy was certainly that. He would’ve made a great Dub but was just born in the wrong place … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hmmmm…would I be considered a bit of a party pooper, if I admitted that that his bit about the Dubs sounded a wee bit Kerry-esque. Dare I even use the dreaded “Yerra” word in a Tyrone context? We’re great craic altogether, he loves the colour and atmosphere we bring to Croker yada yada yada…as long as they are beating us regularly. Would he be writing about us in such warm and glowing terms, if we had bate them 5 years on the trot, at the end of his playing career?


Aw nooo…think you’re reading too much into it.

Mulligan’s pub has a pile of momentos from the glory days. His career highlights were all in CP…and against the dubs.

Probably a lot of nostalgia in the interview.

He still has the hair dyed blonde and tattoos on the arms…I can believe he loved the hype and colour.


I’m with Daller on this … no party poopers … season of goodwill …


I thought it was the Canal end? My memory ain’t what it was though!