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Well Alan, I’m living here and I know the blood sweat and tears spent on fundraising for the county as I do plenty of it myself for both my club, the division and county. I beleive, as a member of the GAA, that I am entitled to air my views and observations. I can tell you right now that even though tipps expenses rose despite the tesms going bang in June of this year that next year will be the most expensive ever- they may exceed everyone in football and hurling. You are 100% correct - the word No is verobtten when it comes to the second coming of Sheedy. If the tipp team lives up to reputation as opposed to expectations then there will be more walk outs at the convention next year.


Not denying anyone their right to speak. My view would be the word No is verbotten when it comes to virtually all inter county managers. You think Davy ever hears it? Cody? Jim Gavin?

These are the real people running the GAA. The rest of us get whatever is left over.


But left over from what? As has been said, people go on about the money being spent on inter county teams, but what about the money they generate.


The inter county game generates the big bucks no doubt but the grassroots is done by the clubs. None should dominate the other . It should be a complimentary relationship.



■■■■ we are going to run out of newspapers with all this ex Kerry players taking up writing positions. Though this fella has a bigger chip than trump.


Kieran Cunningham is an awful wanker.


He reads here too ! Noticed him tweeting lots of stuff after it’s posted here . Very similar stuff.


If he were in college he’d be pulled up for a lack of citing.


Vinny is no genius either. He’s worse for engaging.


Many counties have their clowns…Vinnie Murphy is one of yers. Himself and Brady should be sent to North Korea.


North Koreans wouldnt deserve that


Murphy could open a record stall there though:
Vinyl Sung.


“Football needs it’s mavericks now more than ever.”

Find myself agreeing with this to a fair extent.


He insinuates that Connolly is gone due to Gavin and then talks about the crowds being down in Leinster as if it had to do with Connolly not playing, IMO he is assuming a lot. You could also name a load of players that fall into that sort of category, Cluxton for example or the Pizza eater from Fermanagh, The only real reason Connolly will be missed is because of his footballing ability, outside of that there was very little exceptional about him IMO. I don’t mean that as a slight at Connolly, just felt he was an ordinary kind of bloke in the same lines as many other lads on the team.


People are losing connection with their county teams. This is no surprise when players are kept behind closed doors, rarely allowed play for their clubs and not allowed make comments in public about anything!


Disagree. Most of the lads do plenty in their communities and clubs.


Mainly because any kind of spin can be put on it . Everything is taken out of context now , twisted & manipulated for click bait . It generally was a better time before social media . Pick up a paper back then and wouldn’t see the slanderous bile that seems to be let slide now . Everyone trying to out do everyone else with more outrageous columns because they know they’ll be out of a job if they aren’t relevant . Its toxic .


Dub, at this stage, if I said Marilyn Monroe had fantastic tits, you’d disagree. If Alan O Connor said it, you’d claim she actually had a cock instead- and further claim that you had seen it!


Haha! What a retort!!! In fairness, they spend a massive amount of time trying to get picked to play!!! The schools visits, the hospital visits, the stuff you don’t see on websites or in newspapers. They are in huge demand, from all angles, and yet remain gentlemanly (and lady like, in the case of the Jackies) at all times. They are a credit to this county and their clubs and families.