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Jim is stayin on till 2021, great news for us not so great for others


Lad on drive time on rte radio just hinted that financial irregularities have been ongoing in Galway for decades.

Awaiting bitters expose and campaign on this :joy:


MB has all his attention safely pointed towards Cork.


Do you think we could get into trouble for using the money we get sensibly?


The money they made on the Ed Sheeran concerts (and by “made” I mean made it back into an official Galway Co Board bank account) was pretty paltry compared to what the Cork Co Board made on their ES concerts. The Cork Co Board got something like 12 quid per concert ticket sold, but they only got 2 quid per head in Galway.

When your financial mismanagement is even worse than Cork’s, you know you have some pretty serious 'splaining to do. :roll_eyes:


Nah, we could only get good press for that and be held up as a shining example.


Galway owed croke park €400,000 for tickets they got but never paid for.

Funny goings on with credit cards.

Funny expenses claims all over the place.

Expect a big fucking rug to be pulled over this very quickly.

And lost in this is the massive spend by them on their county teams way ahead of us but that barely merited a paragraph.

Dont expect to hear much about tipp spending well over a million on senior teams who evaporated in June.

BTW the hype is real here after beating Limerick who literally had lads under the weather playing.


Surprised there was nothing from the lad in Brazil after all his bellyaching about Galway during the Summer. He’s fairly quick off the mark in regards to us .


Galway footballers FB homepage also very quiet…maybe they can throw some jibes our way.


Next time Galway get to an All-Ireland Senior Final (either code) they should only get 25% of a normal ticket allocation.




Surely Limerick has the higest spend with Jp McManus funding it. I’d be surprised if he didn’t donate a good bit more than was publicly announced.,


Questions should be asked of HQ also, if they let a €400,000 debt slide for 3 1/2 years. They shouldn’t have been given any AI final tickets for 2017 or 2018, until they settled their ticket debts from previous years.


Is that fair on the average supporter who would be following the team around the country ?

maybe it was a reason they never got a home game in Leinster if they took a while to hand over the gate receipts.


this is our hero yesterday on jose mourinio

A man clinging to the past because the present has overtaken him.

which really could be about him and his view of the GAA and dublin in particular.

Next time aul ewan starts going on about why nobody can outspend dublin - even though several do - the fact that galway have literally pissed away millions in very suspicious ways will be brought up.


the tipp team went and stayed overnight in the hotel in nenagh after the match, spent the day there doing things and enjoying the pool, and the saturday night and went off training on the sunday.

luckily tipp cb, which actually announced a surplus, seems to be able to afford this sort of malarkey in december.


Look. Inter county spending is out of control in every county. No point in picking on one. Time of year doesn’t matter. They get what they want. Inter county managers rarely hear the word no when it comes to their requests.


But that is the point Alan, Dublin’s achievements have been continously put down to the financing of the inter county set up, the bottomline is none of the top counties or second tier ones are short of cash. One county may have more than another, but they all have enough, at the end of the day I wouldn’t care if I won a million or 2 million in the lottery as with the million I would have more than enough for what I need.


Jaysus … it wouldn’t pay my debts …

Intercounty brings in the bulk of the GAA finances through gates and TV - so why shouldn’t they get what they want. There would be feck all money going to the grassroots at all only for them whether we like it or not.


They wouldn’t be long feeling the wrath of the average supporter, or the clubs if they missed out on the big games as a result. It’s a good motivation to have their house in order in paying back HQ. They’ve zero motivation if Croke Park let themselves be emotionally blackmailed into doling out more tickets year in & year out, based on the man on the street missing out. Being a year behind is one thing…but three? C’mon now.