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But totally suits the scumbag who go to Windsor park. In fact facilities are of way too high a standard for them


Remember the lad from a club who had a list of questions atlaat years county board agm and got shouted out of it for doing down the association and other such tripe. Their motion was ruled very much out of order by Fuhrer Frank.


Sunderland built the stadium of light for £24m in 1997. It holds 48,000 now (42,000 when originally opened). Costs have risen obviously since then but not to 4/5 times the cost.

€110m for PUC us scandalous.


Yeah but they built on a green field site and didn’t try to rebuild roker park. Everyone said PUC was a terrible location, this added to the fact that it was a terrible site to build on contributed but was now the main cause of the over run.

As a wise cork man said of the county board down there, elect clowns expect a circus.


Sunderland ground is cheap and cheerful - middlesborughs ground was cheaper again when it opened.

PUC was a different situation , granted the budget overrun is colossal.


It was specifically designed as a simplistic build to make expansion easier and cheaper if ever needed. It has potential to be easily extended over to 60,000.

But the point still stands, it shows how an effective and fit for purpose stadium can be built for a relatively low amount compared with what we’re seeing in Ireland…


I’d hazard a guess that the cost of building in Sunderland was way below, relatively speaking, what the cost is in Cork currently. Relative to the passage of time etc of course. Sunderland was a very economically depressed area, maybe just starting to have an upturn then. Cork is currently relatively booming. Building costs in Ireland generally more expensive than in UK too I would imagine.


Yeah… Cork.


i dont mind the location of PuiC, Okay the traffic in can be a balls but it is walkable from town, so just park and walk in. They piss and moan about the location of everything down here. There’s a new venue being built in the city center and they’re all moaning about that as well “where are the cars going to park” etc etc … just park in town ffs and walk to the venue.


At exorbitant cost too …


The whole city is built on a marsh, building is never going to be cheap.


The Dutch can do it reasonably …


I bet they moan less then cokonians as well yeash


As the saying goes “If the Dutch were Irish they’d feed the world and if the Irish were Dutch they’d drown”


The dirty racists





I await Martin Brehenys article on the financial scandal in Galway Gaa…he loves writing about Mayo and Dublin.