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Totally agree, thats why I’ll be first in line tomorrow at Our Lady of Lourdes Church to light him a wee candle.


Agreed yea, don’t like his antics but wish him well.


WTF. Was it worth it? IMO absolutely not.


Some fucking scandal, what sort of banking facolities did yhey have… or is the 25 million still owed to suppliers… a fiasco


This type of overrun should not happen unless some hugely unforeseen event/s occurs. That is not the case here to the best of my knowledge so I would love to see the exact reasons for the massive overrun. McKenna comes across as almost smugly happy about this … the white knight riding in to solve the problem. No wonder Frank left quietly.


I think they had to demolish more of the original structure than anticipated because of steel corrosion within the frame.

Also, expect PUC to be drawn for any and every neutral venue needed for Dublin matches for the next few years.


Aye that rings a bell - but that’s some overrun. Nearly always a false economy to build something new around old structures - usually better to start from scratch.


Some engineering survey done then!!! The original plan obviously was poorly planned and lacked any mitigation with regards to the events that unfolded. PPPPPP as they say.


That steel frame issue in no way cost €25 million.

I said on here halfway through construction that there was something fishy going on down by the Lee and that was when the projected over run was in the region of ten million. This €25m is an over run above the origina over run figure of €85m, the original cost was €70m and even that was too high for a pretty big standard ground.

€110million (at least) for a 45,000 capacity ground with half of it terracing?

An inquiry is needed but a big carpet will be used instead.


The Aviva is 50,000 and cost a whack more. Obviously a higher spec then the park but even so.


There was €30m provided by Govt so I presume PAC at least will want a few answers. I know I do. And this must have been known a long, long time back - so why hide it til the 11th hour?


Aviva much higher spec and other costs involved in demolition in that area, aviva is completely roofed and all seated too.

Not to say the aviva costs were out of hand either when it’s compared to croke park or something on its level elsewhere in Europe or North America.

Considering the terraces also used exisitng structures costs, this thing could almost hit a 100% over-run.

When you consider site acquisition costs and site access it in effect means there will never be a new build ground for Dublin anyway and maybe nowhere else.


The gobshytes in charge of the Stadium build have now been put in charge of running the place on as day to day basis. And guess who is Secretary of the group? Yep. Chairman Frank. And naturally his 2 Stooges in Chief are along for the ride. So much for his riding off into the sunset.

Seriously. You couldn’t make this shit up. :joy:

"Cork GAA chair outlined the governance infrastructure of the stadium for delegates.

“It was now run by its own board of directors, all approved by Cork County Board, featuring the county chairman, incoming secretary Kevin O’Donovan, and treasurer Diarmuid Gowan, along with three former officers Pearse Murphy, Ger Lane, and as of tonight, Frank Murphy, who has also been appointed secretary to the company."


It’s still 400 million for a 50k seater. Might be a world record.


Wembley Stadium cost almost £800m (sterling) - over 10 years ago. Capacity is c. 90,000.
However, I’d imagine it creates far better revenues.


I mean a world record price for only 50k (joking really i’m Sure there are worse).

Apparently once you go over 50k the cost goes up dramatically, how much did Croker revamp cost?


The real problem is that we don’t have enough big games to justify these stadiums. For Cork, its a provincial football final every second year and a hurling final every third year as Thurles and Limerick have to get their go.
Croker was only full for the two All Ireland finals last year and that could become the norm. How could you justify Casement if all they can get is a provincial football final? It is the nature of Gaelic Games of course, so it’s difficult to get it right.


agree entirely, the whole season structure is hopefully going more to a league basis, then there will be less one big day events and more a requirement for a medium sized stadium to fit your home gate on a more regular basis.


Thought Casement was going to be multi-use? NI has only one smallish stadium for soccer, which is a bit of a kip.


The windsor park crew sharing a stadium with the GAA?