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Sorry old chum, but just because results have gone our way on the big day and we have the silverware to show for it, I am not willing to overlook the fcuk ups that frequently occur in the GAA disciplinary process. That is a very, very slippery slope to go down.

I get really sick and tired of being constantly told that just because we win Sam, Dubs should just shut up for good and never express an opinion on anything, ever. Or if we do, it’s “whinging”. Not having a go at you in particular, just at that particular mindset. It really pisses me off.


I get your point but instead of people baying for Andy Moran because of a similar incident we should be looking at not allowing this to happen again…the GAA seem to make things up as they go along and they seem influenced by sideline commentary from the likenof the RTÉ panel in particular


All anyone asks for is consistency. Fair enough in the heat of the moment a referee might get something wrong but after matches the decisions/punishments have no excuse for being different. whether it is mentioned on the Sunday game shouldn’t come into it


+1 - nothing to do with Andy per se. Seems like a nice chap. It’s just about consistency.


I actually don’t think it’s about consistency, consistently wrong is still wrong. I would just like them to apply the rules - that will ensure consistency. Mind you, I would start with the tackle before I would worry about the rest of it too much.


The rule is the rule and it hasn’t changed - if you do the crime - you do the time suspension wise.

In the mean time, all you ask for is consistency , and from cavanagh to cody to moran - they didn’t get the same scrutiny as Connolly did. (All were in the wrong by the way).

Now if the rule and suspension need to be clarified and reduced then thats fair enough.

Also if you look at that you tube clip - you see ricey drop his knees into the armagh lads head - and only a yellow card for that - now i cant rememeber if he got done afterwards 0 but didnt collie moran get banned after the sunday game went after him in the 2000’s


Cavanagh’s drop kick to the abdomen of (?) McCarthy. If the roles were reversed, red card and big suspension, or big media campaign to get yellow card made red/get him suspended.


Twas wee Brian Fenton


Persecution complex getting really boring.


Similarly with Murphy’s elbow to the same player. I’m pretty sure both were attempts to deliberately injure in order to take out probably our most important player apart from Cluxton.


Treat each case on its merits. If Dublin players did either of those actions you’d be calling them out on it and saying that a suspension should be served, I’m sure.


Not even an All-Star, unlike Fenton.


Why could say other counties rather than singling out Dublin. Unless Johnny Buckley is playing will be be some rookie like Shane Murphy, Gavin White or Micheal Burns from Dr Crokes as captain. A lot of pressure on a young lad.


Might be priming for a return of the captain’s number that has never lifted Sam … :scream:


It is not a persecution complex, it is Dublin supporters pointing out issues that have affected Dublin players on a Dublin forum and comparing how they were treated in relation to similar incidents with other players.
I am sure a Kerry supporter could find some issues too and point them out, but that is up to them to do so.
I did not see anyone say Dermo got done because he was from Dublin and Moran got off because he was from Mayo, I just say people saying it was inconsistent.


Maybe not one said but everyone thinks ( knows ) it :joy:


yeah , how dare anyone come on here and defend those Dublin gurrier’s , we pay to see, that burst their balls all year trainin and entertain us from February till September with O Byrne cups, leagues, leinster’s and much sought after All-Irelands, how dare yis


Hope it goes well for him and they might want to have a look at his elbow for wear and tear.



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Did he elbow himself in the knee?

Joking aside, I hope he fully recovers. At the end of the day, he’s an amateur sportsman.