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As do I, and what he done was wrong, so it seems that it really only applies to the team ye play for whether you’ll be punished or not, or maybe have I just got me blue shades on again


I read the splilane and mcguinness articles , not an awful lot of love between pat and Fitzmaurice, with regard to the Connolly incident, he says he was only goin by rule book, but I dont ever recall him bringin the rule book into the studio live on air to tear into someone (unless im mistaken) the way he did about Dermo, Him and o Rourke definitely played their part in the Connolly suspension.

As for mcguinness, if that fella was a bar of chocolate he’d be after ate’n himself to death


I am perfectly fine with the first part of that headline


Dublin? Methinks they’re alittle obsessed.


I don’t think the Sheridan thing was remotely disgraceful. The guy was on the line and was looking to get the ball over it to win the game. 30 things happened in that game that were on a par with that incident.

Judging the morality of what a guy does on a football field is a bit pointless, it is just a guy playing a game.

The one thing you can’t do though is interefere with the officials. Regardless of Spillane’s reaction, I knew, as did most people, that as soon as Connolly pushed Brannigan he was in trouble. He had to be, the game can’t function any other way.


It can if you’re Andy Moran


Lol…we are sooooo inside their heads. Keep with a tradition that any one with half a brain can see may be harmful to their intercounty team, just so they be seen to doing the opposite of Dublin? Gotta love the fcuked up logic that passes for common sense down there. :rofl: :rofl:


They are 10+ All Irelands ahead of us.


Eh 9 …


Not for much longer. :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

Edit: Yeah, are they not on 37 & we are on 28?


Yes, the mistake was not dealing with Moran, not how they dealt with Connolly.

In slight defense of Moran though, the ‘interference’ was a little less. Also it is hard to say if it should come into account, but he had just lost his father the week before. So because of the latter point I am sort of glad they didn’t go after him. But they probably should have.


Or Brian Cody


Or peter canavan


I’m sorry Wifi, but I can’t agree with any of that. No one would be “going after” Andy Moran. He should have received the appropriate sanction for the actions committed - end of story, as should all players regardless of the county they play for, their good guy/bad guy image in the national media, or even their track record. Fair play, plain and simple, demands it. If he does, that is not someone going after him imo.

There is zero chance of AM ever being on the receiving end of any Sunday Game campaigns, or snide James Horan editorials on Eir Sports, or news paper columns looking for ways to get him removed from the playing fields for long stretches of time, the way Diarmuid Connolly has been. Zero. If the GAA disciplinary suits choose to have a further look at what Andy Moran did, then so be it.

His escaping a similar sanction - considering Diarmuid’s 12 week suspension - was a disgrace. I don’t mean to be harsh, but whatever he had going on in his personal life is irrelvant. No one is any rush to give Diarmuid Connolly a free pass for what he has had to put up with these past few years and I’m darn sure his personal life has been far from a picnic, what with all the mud being constantly thrown at him. I’ve been critical of Dermo on here, for his disciplinary record and I stand by that, but he has always had to pay a high price for it. Mr Nice Guy gets off scot free, purely for being Mr Nice Guy, that is a double standard that just doesn’t sit well with me.


He threw most of the mud himself as well as throwing other things!!


Oh thanks for reminding me…while we are speaking of throwing things…the sanctions that Mayo players receive for throwing GPS units would be… :thinking:


By ‘going after’ I mean applying the appropriate sanctions. You could be right, personal stuff probably shouldn’t come into it.

But I don’t think the Connolly suspension was wrong, you just can’t do what he did, regardless of the provocation. Moran’s offence was slightly lesser in aggression, but yes, he should have been suspended too. I would be in favour of there being a consequence for every incorrect action on the field.

It is a lesser issue, a much lesser issue, but Brannigan should face some consequence too for getting the blatant line ball wrong that caused the problem. It wasn’t a close call, it was obvious.


Jolly good. We are in agreement. I was not implying that Dermo should not have received the sanction he did for shoving the ref. My beef is that AM escaped a similar one for a similar offence.


Not this again, connolly should have received no ban…it was ridiculous…two wrongs don’t make a right. But ye are winning all Ireland’s so deep breaths…


Yeah, the guy was on the line and he scored a try for jaysus sake, it was a GAA match, as for Connolly, pushed Brannigan, dont make me laugh, it was 10 foot in front of me, me young one made more contact playin matches against other 12 yr olds. Brannigan never even opened his mouth, Connolly was on trial on the sunday game simply because who he was. the abuse he got that day was disgraceful but dont say that it might upset too many people