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Must be a Vincent’s thing. The most miserable, negative Mayo ‘character’ on another cesspit of a forum, namely GAAboard is member of Vincent’s too. Wonder do they know Alan? :grinning:


I’m sick of the Vincents-bashing on here! You are all racists! Vincent’s, like the Romans, did much for us! Heffo, Lar and Des, Mullins, Connolly etc! Be nice!


I’m a Clontarf man. Have nothing but respect for our overlord neighbors! :grin:


A guy who works for me was a Vins man and I wouldn’t hear a bad word against him. The shine he can get on my shoes.


Not me. As Stan said to Ollie, every day, in every way, it gets better and better. Every year is different. This year apart from the obvious I loved the different challenge of Galway in the Lg Final and All Ire Semi, the Super 8s, Tyrone in Omagh and in the final. Absolutely fantastic year and to get a break from all the hype and madness that goes with knockout championship games Vs Kerry and Mayo was a wonderful thing. Even though I must admit I sort of missed the f.uckers


What would GAA done if rock had missed that free ?? Would it have being in the same parish as the sheridan touchdown ??


Jim McGuinness reckons new rules could inspire a return of Dublin’s old swashbuckling ways


Some lads on that site believe that elvis , JFK, jimi hendrix etc are alive and are living in a base on the moon.


Stop slagging @mayoman


And thats their club football section, don’t even go near the county football section or yer eyes will burn out.


If a lad wants to try a new experience down under, then I don’t think this booklet will prevent him.


In fairness he’s right about 2014, best football I’ve ever seen any team play, ever, regardless of opposition etc. Also probably our best ever team at the peak of its powers. Fooked over by lack of tactical adaptability.


Wouldn’t agree. The 2015 team and the arrival of Fenton, the development of Jack mcCaffrey and the return of Kilkenny ( who was missing in 2014 ) was a way better team than 2014…


Agree 2015 also peak of our powers but apart from Mayo replay we played a conservative brand of football, very much, compared to 2014


Work?? Sure Darran and Donaghy gave it up to concentrate on the football …


The amount of sexual innuendo on here is just…irresistable


what Sheridan done was disgraceful , louth were robbed, what keegan done was disgraceful, maybe we were lucky, all im sayin is if it was Connolly or Smally did that, o Rourke and spillane would be jumpin up and down with the rule book out, whether we won or not is not the point, there was no action taken, but daren’t say that here


Daren’t say that here? Oh ffs! Another oppressed speaker of the truth that darent be spoken but ooops! I accidentally said it.
Btw I agree with your point 100%


Don’t blame Sheridan I blame the decision making that allowed it to stand.


Agreed but still, only a Meath player would try to dive over the line. Of course Shane Horgan was very popular at the time…