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Yeah but he deserved it! :grinning:


What’s all this talk about tinkers? We can’t have that kind of language on this site! It’s tinkerist, or something. I’ll be sending a strongly worded letter.


Cross wires on this so. I read it as the old mantra ‘what happens on the field stays on the field’.

Absolutely there’s no excuse for any supporters to get physical even if there is a physical incident on the pitch, however even if the players shake hands afterwards as I’m sure they did with Keegan in the aftermath of his GPS incident. It doesn’t change things for me in terms of how I feel about the incident. Thankfully the outcome for us was correct but the time and effort lots of supporters had put in that season I think we’d be within our rights to feel like we were almost cheated out of a hard fought win by a pre-meditated and deliberate act of unsporting behaviour of the highest order.


there was more or less nothin done about the gps with keegan, but if it had been a Dub that threw it there would be uproar and you’d never here the end of it, as for havin blue tinted glasses , maybe I have but then again I support Dublin and couldn’t give a fly’n ■■■■ about mayo winnin an all Ireland, but it seems to upset a lot of people around here when ye criticize mayo, if they manage to win an all Ireland i’d be the first to say fair play , they deserved it but up until then get on with it stop lookin for excuses and shut the ■■■■ up whinging, but that’s just my opinion and whether it upsets anyone or not I couldn’t give a fly’n ■■■■ about that either. Up The Dubs


Wait a minute you have contradicted yerself In that post! Don’t sweat Keegan it’s in the past. Let it go rock let it go.


Not to drag up the GPS again (he said dragging up the GPS again), if the action had’ve cost us the game I have no doubt that there would have been more than a little mirth countrywide, a collective shrug of the shoulders across the land and no real action of any consequence taken.


I didn’t bring it up my friend look back over the posts , im simply addin to the chat but then again its me so I have to be careful , my opinion well you’d have to be over at least 27 to read it


Of course country would of been delighted but it didn’t.


Au contras Rodney. If that happened there would’ve been uproar, plenty of slieveens mirth, and Keegan would’ve got suspended. Then cue massive campaign to get him off.

Dublin player? Minimum 6 months suspension and barely a word of complaint by anyone.


Jex lads, give it a break. He missed the ball; ball was kicked over the bar; All Ireland was won; celebrations were had; same with hangovers; same with time off work; same with idolising players; same with looking forward to the next win; same with bitching and moaning about a poxy GPS!!!

Not sure which was worse - the hangovers or having to listen the continuous blue chip on shoulder over something that should have been long forgotten!!!


In fairness it’s the media and others that give them excuses as it’s not the true fans or players.
A lot of Mayo people are very gracious to this team we have and they know we are better than them but they live in hope that they are the ones to catch us when we do have a bad day.


Who is looking for excuses? Most of the excuses have been levelled in the mirror at management and player mistakes. This Mayo generation don’t do excuses, if we did we wouldn’t keep coming back. The media and sideline commentators can write what they want…do go out on the field and be the best you possibly can…if it’s not good enough then you congratulate your opponent and go back to the drawing board.

I know it irks Dublin that the media seem fixed on our quest to end the famine but i guess that’s the nature for sport, it’s the underage, it’s emotional etc…hopefully we can win one in the not too distant future and the media can move onto Kildare or some other unfortunate


FWIW, I like your posts, I think you’re a very valued member here and you don’t deserve the sh*t your county team has put you through. I’m not sure I’d have the metaphorical stomach for coming on here if roles were reversed. Keep it up MM


There’s more to it than that . It’s hard to believe now but we had a lot good will going into the '11 final . Now maybe they just expected Kerry to win but it was positive nonetheless. But what’s happened the last couple of years is beyond outrageous . The snubbing of Cluxton would not have taken place with any other team . The same for Connolly, who should have had at least a POTY award, let alone more all stars . In both these examples , the media are playing the man , not the ball . It’s their personalities that have stood against them .
Cluxton is portrayed as an emotionless robot who doesn’t like to deal with the media and this has put a lot of journos noses out of joint . As for Connolly , we don’t need to explain that one .
If the two of them had of played for Kerry or Mayo they’d be lauded , sure Galvin won a POTY despite been a toe rag .
It’s astonishing the picture painted of Leroy in comparison to Connolly . He is without doubt a fantastic player but the free pass he has been given in the media would make our heads spin anyway . And to top it off , he was applauded for having the cute hoorism to try the GPS stunt .
Laughable really . So it’s not just the famine bit that irks us ( well me anyway ) , it’s all the other stuff too .


Well said, im glad you said that, cause, if it was me i’d be accused of all sorts , and its not just the media, ive often had a gander on the mayo site and some of the stuff put on there about the Dubs and individual players is brutal


Nonsense. It’s ruled with an iron fist by a proud Vincent’s man earning his crust in Dublin. He would never let people call Dublin players scumbags, kn***ers, etc - they’d be banned. You only get that kind of abuse on here …


In fairness ye are “moderates” here compared to the stuff I see posted about us on hill16 army, all Dublin fans etc who seem more fixated with us rather than yer own success.


There are nutters everywhere. The lads here run a good shop. It pisses me off a bit the kind of invective and slander that is allowed on that blog - and by a guy who lives in Dublin and is a member of a club here. You can call Dermo a tramp but you can’t say Aido should be dropped …


I think a number of ‘Dublin’ fans here are fixated with giving each other a hard time! Some seem to have got bored with celebrating our success(es) a long time back :neutral_face:


Yer right , I think Dub09 is a bollox , as for rochey don t get me started :sweat_smile: