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Actually I was referring to fan pages on social media which have 1000s of followers posting constant crap about GAA teams and players like a baying mob…

Your entitled to your view. There are a few Dublin players I dislike for their on field antics. Many Dublin fans appear blind to their own sinners. O Connor is far from a saint but sure as former Galway hurler Ger Lynskey once said, “you need a few tinkers to win an all Ireland”


and a few to (as Padraig Nally said) “bate them like a badger!!!”


I always hear this line about the Dubs are no saints. Show me the specific examples you’re thinking of?


We did Spillane say? Spillane well able to dish it out but when thrown back at him he is very a sensitive soul.


Wasn’t able to post link. It’s up on

Maybe one of the tech savvy contributors can do it?

But he basically lists 5 failures of Eamonns tenure, as well as giving him some advice for the future! Doesn’t hold back as I said. It’s essentially more of his usual self promoting nonsense he churns out week after week.


@mayoman, It was Brendan Lynskey. But I agree with your points.
Lynskey himself was no angel but I’d love to have someone like him at his best in the Dublin hurling team.


fucking miles away
He would be better served playing his own game and not trying to ref and get involved in everything that’s happening in matches.


Was it lynskey who suffered a fractured skull during a game ? Not 100% sure if he was him but I d say he changed his mind about tinkers on the pitch after that .


Is it Joe Rabitte you are thinking about? - he was nearly decapitated v Roscommon in what was possibly the last Connaught Senior hurling championship fixture.


yeah that was Joe Rabbitte - was nearly killed


That was around 1997/98?


Why was Pat Spillane a mascot for Galway back then?


Almost sure it was Sylvie who had the non PC comments.


yeah , you’d have a pocket of hurling around south roscommon ,

they had a few connaught finals , but they won by 30 or 40 points that year.


He chased the fox too…famous commentary


How can people in the crowd refraining from roaring abuse at each other and the players lead to a guy being injured?

I do sort of see where you went with it, but it is an extrapolation of something that wasn’t there in the first place. What I was saying, and I think I said, was that if players have an issue with each other there is no need for the supporters to get involved too. Invariably the payers forget about it and the supporters don’t (as is evidenced by this discussion). It is a bit of a reach to suggest that what I meant was the players should sort stuff out illegally themselves.


Whealan nearly took the head of McGarrity in that 06 semi final too


I actually think I have a rationale behind why that Rabbitte incident happened. I was hurling for another county at the time (not a great one!) and we played Roscommon about 10 days before that Connaught final. It was on a Saturday evening and clashed with a stag party so half the lads didn’t travel. As a result we were being slaughtered by half time.

But in the second half, for some reason, our sub keeper was put in at full forward and he scored 4 goals and a few points and we nearly won. I can well see how the full back was so scarred by the thing that he was intent on stopping anyone else, by hook or by crook!


I think everyone can name incidents by every team back until the dawn of time. A battle for moral superiority on a GAA field is sort of a pointless exercise. The rules and sanctions define the morals really.