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Indeed, i’d agree with a lot of that, if Leroy concentrated more on playin football instead of preventin lads from playin football, ( mainly Dublin, Kilkenny Connolly for example and others ) he’d be better off, the other pair would make ye sick with their slyness and off the ball antics and try’n to get lads sent off ( again mainly Dublin ). as for elbows o shea and others the list is endless. Regardless of Leroy been a good player theres not a single player on the 4 in a row team i’d be droppin for him or any of the current mayo players. again I think galway will come out of Connaught in 2019 , and horan might just be askin himself , why did I bother, please God


I think we have to be carful judging anyone we don’t know. We don’t like it when Cooper and McMahon get the same treatment.

What happens on the field is between the players. It always strikes me how much respect the players have for each other after a game compared to the spectators.

The GAA and GAA people need to be really careful where all this goes. I suppose most people have seen the clip of the spectators at the Chelsea (v Man City) game yesterday abusing a Man City player. If it was racist or not is sort of beside the point in my view, it is just crazy wrong regardless. We might think the GAA is above that type of stuff, but we are edging ever near it.


The above poster is clearly viewing through blue tinted glasses. The amount of disrespecting tools on social media is astonishing. They haven’t a clue about GAA and never played the game most likely. Keegan and Connolly friendly enough off the field I’m led to believe


Social media is evil. Giving shitebags like the pug lover a platform like never before. Blueback is indeed blue glass tinted (don’t judge him/her to harshly we are all Gods children). Personally I would have Keegan in my team any day of the week. It would be a sophies choice as to who you would drop! :slight_smile:


Keegan would be certain starter in Dublin team. Comfortable in any position from 2-7


And 10, 11 or 12.


yeah and he could probably play in goal aswell, so who do ye drop for him


Philly mac ???


I assume I’m the above poster you’re referring to and also one of the disrespecting tools on social media!

No blue tinted glasses needed to dislike and despise how the O’Connor brothers carry themselves on the pitch. Both of them have wrap sheets for cowardly hits on opponents while also falling to the ground at the slightest touch themselves.

As for my point on Keegan, I’m sure he’s a lovely fella off the pitch but his GPS incident was the most blatant piece of cheating I’m ever seen on a GAA pitch. He got away with it because people felt sorry for Mayo again and because it was so outrageous there wasn’t a rule specifically to cater for it.

Oh and for the record I played the game and to a decent enough standard too.


People should really get over this. Show me a competitive person who wouldn’t try doing something in similar circumstances.

As for having a rule specifically to cater for it; another reality check is required if you feel that all circumstances can be covered by specific rule!!!


Ye see the problem with that thinking is that attitude contributes to situations where a young fella was airlifted to hospital from a pitch last weekend.


I assume you’d be as understanding if Rock had missed the free.


“if’s” and “but’s”…


Keegan gets away with a lot of off the ball shenanigans for a wing back. He gets away with It more than most players


Nice ninja edit!

Love to see stats to back that claim up!




Keegan is marked man with referees now. Got away with it pre 2016 AI final. Has received a number of black, yellow cards since.


Gas article by Spillane today having a good cut off Eamonn Fitz. Dresses it up that he’s only defending his own name. He’s got some neck in fairness to him.