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Exactly…that’s the luxury ye have now…all Ireland’s to back it up. We know all about being laughed at and will continue to be until we win an all ireland.


Beggan, Kealy, Clarke, Durcan, Conaughton, Murphy all have one thing in common - over the years I have heard them all being compared favourably to Cluxton at some stage. Yet, I have never heard anyone being compared with Clarke or Durcan or any of the rest of them. It is always how they stack up against Cluxton. Next year it will be someone else. Yet they keep using Cluxton as the benchmark…


And that respect cuts both ways, despite some keyboard warriors!


Dont think anyone would laugh at mayo , sure ar’nt they dick clerkins second team lol.Cork , now there’s a team you could laugh at.


they can have as many pretenders as they want, Cluxton is head and shoulders above them ,.the best of all time, a real legend


People that know their football don’t laugh at a team like Mayo. They admire and respect them for everything they have achieved and for their bravery & resilience in never giving up. I have my dislikes and biases re Mayo and various other teams but I have always respected Mayo.


That in a nutshell… glad we didn’t have to face them this year. Because it simply would not have been good for my hypertension.


I’d say many on here, and around the county, would be up for Mayo if we were knocked out. I certainly would.


I can’t wait for a Super 8 in McHale … we’ll arrive with gold, frankincense and myrrh …


And Sam… :grinning:


Yeah I wouldn’t begrudge them, if we where knocked out (excuse me for 2 minutes while puke at that scruffy thought)…

…I’d love to see them score a goal against the animals with 1 minute to go and for Mayo to win by a point. Oh the hurt, the hurt.


In a 1982 Offaly kind of way. Absolutely!


Apart from the few sly-dog nasty whinging little pricks (the O’Connor’s & Keegan) they have playing for them I suppose they’re not the worst.

I won’t begrudge Mayo an AI if they eventually win another one but I also wouldn’t be sad to see a few of the current crop go without. They have enough smoke blown up their holes as it is.

Aidan O’Shea will probably be the most handsome footballer never to win Sam. He’d tell you that himself!


I genuinely have no problem with Keegan. I’d have him in my Dublin team any time. A proven quality player. Spoke very highly of Dublin last year as a pundit.


+1 on Keegan and wouldn’t class him in same bracket as the elbow brothers. Colm Boyle is in same league for moaning and diving.


Personal opinion I suppose but until I see him apologise for the GPS incident he can FO.

Instead I saw him last season sit in the RTE studio and spout the lie about us pulling their players to the ground in the final few minutes of 2016.




I like Keegan myself but don’t understand why. All the above is true and he also spent most of his time against us dragging and fouling Dermo as distinct from marking him. Maybe it’s cos he dioes it with a smile as distinct from the snarlers on the team.


Apologies if brought up already, the SPOTY awards (separate to Rte)

They have no Brian Fenton but have Jack Mc and Con.


And probably because he seems to leave the stuff on the pitch and off the pitch seems to have a lot of respect for us as a team and also for the individuals he has had his battles with.