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Remember when they laughed at us , now they dispise us .
Enjoy every moment.


I remember it well, it was Unbelievable


:smirk: You need to try that sort of debating tactic on someone more gullible. Except a seagull, which isn’t so gullible.


Basically what you’re trying to say is that only when Beggan has played for 15 years at Snr intercounty level and performed to an incredibly high level can he really be compared with Cluxton. Which of course I agree with. However it will always be impossible to make a true comparison, certainly one based on trophies won, given that it’s a team game and Monaghan are highly unlikely to have anything as good as the recent and current Dublin teams/squad.

However it’s not unheard of for people to make early comparisons between very talented players, and those aknowledged to already be one of the best ever in their position, in terms of natural ability. To move this argument along a bit, the comparison should really be about comparing Beggan now with how Cluxton was ten or more years ago.

I think Beggan may be as talented as Cluxton was back then but I really don’t know. Also Cluxton didn’t have as much opportunity back then to display the variety of abilities at top Inter County level, as the game was different, and certainly Dublin’s style of play was different. However his distribution to the more mobile of our midfielders was brilliant back then, that I do recall clearly.


Which Is what makes Clerkins article risible.


Isn’t clerkin the goon who was jumping up holloring at a Mayo goal in the all Ireland last year, in the background of the lads from sky comedy drama thing?


Yup and a moany fucker as well years ago in the Nell because kids where playing games at half time in a NFL match and he was moaning about about it. I get the impression He simply doesn’t like Dublin football.


yep , hence the name Richard Head, let him at it


In fairness most neutrals will shout for the underdog…most of the country was roaring for limerick this year.


He’s a (cough, cough) journalist, and it wasn’t his own county playing.


If you heard Flynn last week when Kilmacud were playing across the back at the very end and go thought the ball was going to be intercepted :roll_eyes:



Actually I don’t get the robotic complaint myself…under Caffrey Dublin players used to fist pump and run to the hill and when ye used to fail again and again the country laughed.

I’ve said it here before despite all our heartbreak against Dublin, there is a quiet respect for this Dublin team among Mayo people which most of you won’t believe but all I say is online keyboard warrriors can distort the truth.


Think he has that directed at cabbage, Pug Boy and Off the ball bag.


#respect, @mayoman


Beggan had a few dodgy free attempts last weekend in a game his team lost by a point, he didnt just miss the last two, he missed them very badly.


He sure did, enjoyable game overall, very wintery and handpassy but tough and competitive.


Costello isn’t taking any bull shit at all and fair play to him for putting it on record. Theres too much nonsense that passes for journalism, when you actually attend the games between the top counties in the championship there is always a respect from the knowledgeable decent supporters, there is however always a few clowns and we have a fair few of them ourselves.


when ye used to fail again and again the country laughed.
who’s laughin now


the same off the ball lads who cream themselves over the ex kilkenny hurlers.

A great team who were also classed as robots - when in fact they were great craic and concentrated on being winners when they played.