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I love the way ye lump us all into the “culchie” box as if we are different to Dublin people…maybe we should look for ethnic status for culchies lol



I know all from outside the capital would love to be a DUB, but its just not possible and you’s will just have to accept that and remain culchies. let this sink in
Irish by birth but a DUB by the grace of God :smirk:


That’s what I love about Ireland…nobody would ever wish to be from somewhere else…pride of home and county…


Dont forget "the greater dublin area 'formely know as kildare and meath.


How dare you. Dublin is Dublin. Only the great unwashed who moved outside the county boundaries refer to it as the GDA!


Oh come on. Popintree isn’t that bad.


That’s weak, I’m surprised at you! :slight_smile:


Hon the Mun! Poppo, Sillogue, Shangan etc. Decent people.


and hopping and soloing. And handpassing or punching the ball. And winning a ball whilst being tightly marked. And running off the ball to create space and overlaps. And tackling, which is an art, as well as defending, which apart from the obvious stuff involves alot of off the ball skills and abilities. The ‘running game’ is not by a lot of long shot a new concept.

Catch and kick is what Kerry traditionalists and bitters want everyone to agree is the ‘pure game’ when they get beaten by the likes of Dublin and Ulster teams in the All Ireland. It’s funny how the crudest concept of the game has been appropriated as a form of elitism and snobbery.


Not just programs, bottles.


Ridiculous argument. Playing for a relatively weak county in terms of population etc how is he ever going to get the opportunity to prove he can do most or all of that stuff?


Dublin kick the ball more than all other counties. Stats back this up.


So you agree that Beggan has surpassed Cluxton?


Have to say I agree with that. The best comparison to me would be if he’d get into the current Dublin team and dislodge Cluxton. For me it’s Cluxton all day and if we didn’t have Comerford as backup I’d gladly have Beggan. Bit disrespectful to compare all Ireland wins in my opinion. Conor McManus has had a bigger influence on Monaghan than Beggan and he’d get into our starting 15


Let me think about that …, yea, he would :grin:


I think the point being made is that Clerkin throws out an article that Beggan has surpassed multi medalled Cluxton after a couple of good seasons without winning anything and arguably costing his team a couple of times.

He is an excellent keeper but to glibly throw out that he has surpassed a man who has just lifted Sam for the 4th time in a row is just bullshit.


I see Breheny has done a top 50 players in the country list. Read on line the first ten, anyone seen the full list? He’s some goon.


Excellent post and bang on the money. Clerkin has form and his article is a bullshit subliminal dig at Dublin.


the population bullshit is wearin a bit thin, it didn’t stop Kerry from doin 4 in a row, when other counties easily out numbered them, but in fairness to them they never really used that excuse as much as others. Dublin are not responsible for population, size or any other issue’s or problems in other counties. I dont think anyone is sayin beggan is not a good keeper, but for Jaysus sake lads the Dubs will be getting blamed on Brexit next