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Fixed that for you …


Of course Dick… but if it makes you feel better, go ahead.


He’s starting to sound like Uncle Albert “During the war”…


… and Thiery Henry.


The poor man is deluded. He is either on meds or needs to be.


Modest , surpassed , modest , blah blah blah. Does Clerkin get paid for writing that garbage?

If he does, how come his editor doesn’t pull him up on blatant double standards? Goes on about his club exploits cementing his all star. Sure the year Vins won the All Ireland, Connolly missed out on one despite being best player by a country mile in the club champo.


Culchies lap this stuff up and it sells papers


Connolly received an all star and was nominated for POTY that year (2014)

But I agree with your sentiment on the other DC


Haha. My mistake. Must have my years mixed up.

The irony of use of the word modest. Clucko is the definition of it.


the head line was enough to make me not read it , i’ll take yer word , what a fuckin plonker. beggans a grand keeper but when he captain’s his team to 4 in a row, has countless league and championship medals, and can score a free to win the All -Ireeland when the pressure is really on in a great final against a very good Kerry team, I wouldn’t be puttin him past or in the same league as Cluxton, the name dick is very appropriate here


Dick is a Uncle Tom to the culchie readership. Trying to skip the queue ahead of his peers in ‘been opinionated’. ■■■■ him. They can say beggan is the best keeper in the universe for all I care it will be long time before any keeper achieves what Cluxton did. But look wait for all the revisionist shit to happen in the next few years.


Great points. You should tweet that in reply or maybe Res Dubs tweet would


So Tricky Dicky doesn’t think injury time brain farts in All Ireland semi finals matter, when rating a goalies place in the ‘best keeper in the country’ debate ?

Hmmmm…funny that…:thinking:


let someone else if they want thanks, to be honest I hardly know how to turn on this computer never mind the tweets, in no use at this stuff, probably just as well :sweat_smile:


Agree with Al. Could be any county tbh. But since you mention Gough Kerry and abuse the mind instantly goes back to the semi final im 2016 when they were launching programmes and a volley of abuse at him as he left the field on the Cusack side. Not a word about that in the media afterwards. But imagine it was Dubs doing that? They still show the photo of that fella roaring at Tommy Lyons every so often.


Who cares ??? once it stops us dominating and lets the princes of pigskin return to there rightfull place ,its job done.


Ten clicks on the link from here alone. Clicks = more revenue for Those 10 clicks help pay for Clerkin’s tripe.


Beggan , when he is good is very good and is a confidence player, when the pressure is on he can waver as we seen in this years championship.

the fact he is looking to play 1-2’s on 45’s - still shows hes adverse to risk and therefore hasn’t fully learnt from his ridiculous attempt from play in the semi final.

that said he is still young in goal keeper terms , so while he will improve - i’ll happily take cluxton.


He wrote article last year claiming Dublin players wouldn’t play in compromise rules. He announced on twitter he was writing article on this and was pulled up by Jack McCaffrey and James McCarthy. Despite been given the facts he still went ahead and published story. Likes of Clerkin are at this to keep their name in papers after retiring from playing.


Who would bother with international rules, it’s a silly game where you get a free kick for catching a football …