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I think it will mean when a guy wins a ball he won’t be surrounded and harried like he is now, so it could be benifical. But I think it’s the wrong way to fix it. If guys were made to tackle legally, that issue wouldn’t arise. Nearly every tackle is illegal, that can’t be the right way to control a game.


You hardly see anyone bother to take the mark in midfield, why bother if you have space to run into, taking a free only allows defenders to funnell back. The advanced mark will be a deliberate & dull attacking strategy now IMHO.


so instead of allowing the defender to defend legally, he gets a free automatically. ugh.


The problem here is that the mark in midfield was introduced to stop lads being fouled when they came down with ball and getting a free that was of no real advantage to them, the mark really only anticipates the free with the advantage that the lad with the ball gets on with the game faster.
In the forwards if a lad is fouled the free is an advantage so there is no need to introduce a rule to stop fouling in this area.


exactly, except now with the limited handpass, teams will drop back deeper than ever and the only way to score is going to be lobbing the ball down onto a beanpole of two forward and hope he can catch it. back to 70s hit and hope football.


Well at least colm orourke and pat Spillane will be happy.


Hope i’m wrong but i think when teams perfect tactics for this it’s going to be awful dross. with any luck that’ll happen during the experimentation period and they’ll be ditched.


I think people love novelty, so even though a section will complain, it will generally be approved. Unless there is a disaster.

But I still think if they made a rule that each team had to have a minimum of four players in each half at all times, it would have solved every issue.

The objection to that seemed to be that the ref could never police it, but I think it’s easier police then the changes they have made.

I like this analysis though


It has disaster written all over it. In multiples.


That’s actually Gaelic Football. Catch and kick.


i agre - keeping x number of players was the easier and more logical solution and a lot less radical, this is going to bring football back to the bad old days of hoofing aimless ball anyhwere. If you watch the old matches back now it’s awful stuff.


Soccer was originally all about dribbling the ball past your opponent. Pass and move came later. Games change and evolve. Why should gaa be different.


Nfl is only called football as the “ball” is a foot long.

Gaelic football could be called runwith/punch/kickball.


And soccer foot and head ball careful you don’t damage the brain there lads.


And hand and throw ball if you include the goalkeepers :upside_down_face:


Back to the stats - read today that the average number of hand passes in the trial period was 3.75 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


they’ll also need about 12 refs aswell


Is .75 of a handpass when you just brush it with the bottom of your palm?


Old football isn’t woeful stuff, but old hurling is worse. Hurling from the 70s looks like junior club stuff.


Yea, the shape of the Hurley’s didn’t help.