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It better, after all that effort to have it introduced just as Kerry promotes a young bomber clone into the ff line.


If the offensive mark makes it, i might just give up on football altogether.


You prefer offensive remarks?


i think because the midfield mark is barely used, that people are not realising how fundamental a change this is to the game. A scorable free kick for someone catching the effing ball. It will profoundly change how the game is played. You’ll have every 6’7 mullocker in the country having ball after ball hoofed in his general direction.


Catching it is one thing, but will he be able to kick it!!!


Aussie Rules …


It will be effectively be Aussie rules without the tackle.


Right in front of the posts? Even my cat could do that.


A lot of current inter county players can’t!!!


the lads behind this are fairly fond of quoting stats - esp in the handpass- about this. its a bit like looking at the rising amount of water being used to combat forest fires and saying that we need to cut cut down on the water while ignoring the fires.


So it’s not from Mayo then …


Exactly, and i don’t like Aussie rules, mainly because of the mark. catching a ball is not that exciting that you have to give a free in every time someone manages it.


Which is arguably the point. Why should you be playing football if you can’t kick the ball?


Mdma found a way :joy:


Someone should tell the yanks about their NFL - how many times is the ball kicked in that “football “ code.


Less stoppages not more please.


I think there will be a rise in the mullocker. But I think too that Dublin have good amunition for this. Mannion is probably the best guy in the country at getting out in front and winning a ball, O Callaghan not far behind. In Connolly (hopefully), we have the best guy that probably ever was to give chest passes.

I suspect that 80% of the marks will be for low catches, not high ones. You just need to give the right type of ball and a speedy guy should be able to make hay.


I’m not bitching because i’m worried about dublin, i just dont think it will do anything for football. A free kick for a catch, talk about adding more dead ball to a game that already has too many fouls & frees.

You see it in action in the international rules and it’s dross to watch.


That’s fair enough, but the midfield mark hasn’t slowed the game much as far as I can tell. But you’re not going to try score a point from a midfield mark.


Does anyone notice all the rule changes are designed to benifit what’s seen as the traditional kerry game of catch and kick. Probably just a coincidence.