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You suggesting his life has bombed a bit ?..


He was laying down a marker on the plane :wink:


Hope it blows up in his face…


Allah akhbar (sp?)


Ali’s Snackbar!


Pity he didint name and shame the county’s 'supporters ’ wonder if it was the animals ???


He was doing the line today. I started chanting ‘there’s only one David Gough’ but the bloke beside me tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘my name is David Gough too’ - so I had to stop.


I suspect it could be any and all. Every county has neanderthals supporting them.


Agree 100%, gobshites everywhere unfortunately


Clifford makes the young sportstar of the year shortlist…no Howard though…or Kellie Harrington for that matter


She s 28 . I might make it myself next year if we are stretching the age limit


Haha is she jaysus I thought she was a nipper :joy::joy:


Baby face, especially for a boxer.


I am very interested to see how Clifford does next year. He probably did better then I thought he would this year, although some guy of it is hype. The goal against Monaghan shouldn’t have went in, I thought it was just a speculative shot because he had to. There was one other goal (Donegal?), where he poked it on the ground and it found a gap.

Some of the points were very good though, so he has definite talent. I just don’t see him with ball winning abilities particularly (yet). When we played them in the league Cooper won a ball off him that he shouldn’t have, and we scored a goal from it.

He is tall, so the offensive mark, if it stays, might suit him. He is very good for his age, but we just haven’t seen enough of him yet to really know how it will go.


He’s right up there with James McClean in my opinion


What’s wrong with James McClean?


not a thing , but he hates the queen


Sports Personality of the Year … not in the UK though.


McClean the only soccer player I have any time for to be honest.