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Was that before or after they left a big jobbie in your shoes?


The hotel we were in , on the morning I asked the receptionist where the nearest shop to get a paper was. This was my first time in Derry city but I knew it’s mainly nationalist. Anyway she gives me directions and the shop and is in a loyalist estate , red white and blue kerbs( despite my Dublin accent she doesn’t mention this). Worse a dopey English ■■■■ who was with us , starts laughing out loud in the newsagents cause it sold kids toy guns and keeps mentioning this at the top of his voice. The looks we were getting. This was 1999. A wee jobby in the shoes or worse was a distinct possibility at that moment.


How in the name of jaysis are AIG involved in WW1 commemorations ? Nov 11 is remembrance day in UK, vetrans day in USA, the Aussies and new Zealand lads have their own day too.

New Zealand lad wore a symbol to an event. Nothing more in it.


In the name of jaysus I ll tell you how . See wi fi s post above. Aig organised a picture shoot at a statue in Dublin that commerates ww1 soldiers. They brought a few Dublin gaa players and all blacks to it and tweeted it from their own account. So without Aig that would not have happened. If you take from my post that Aig organised every armistice day celebrations worldwide then you have missed the point as much as a mayo forward in the last minute of an all Ireland final.


Leaving aside (reluctantly :slightly_smiling_face:), GAA people commemorating WW1 stuff, the notion that guys are being paid (which I assume they were) to go and commemorate anything where people died is a bit wrong.

It’s a separate issue, but GAA players from the top counties are well looked after now. Good luck to them for it, but it does slightly change the view that people are having of them as amateurs fitting it in around a working life.


Completely nothing. But it is very hard to differentiate between British soldiers who fought in France and those who simultaneously blew the shit out of Dublin. The problem with British type commemorations is that they focus on all British soldiers in all wars, not just WW1. Other countries, like NZ, are more nuanced.


I’ll accept you may have more knowledge regarding payments to players to attend these things than I do( as in I wouldn’t have a clue if they do or don t)I d rather gaa and Dublin gaa avoid these things but it’s not a hugely controversial thing imo. Dublin have a deal with sponsors and I suppose you have to give them something for it. I prefer to take the view the players are remembering the sacrifice of the ordinary soldier and are bright enough to dismiss the propaganda from the establishment regarding the war( at least I hope they are).


I don’t actially know if they were paid, I just know that it is the norm guys get paid something for doing these events, so I am making an assumption (which can be dangerous I know).

But I don’t think sponsors should be near anything like this. They are using WW1 as an opportunity to do some marketing, which has to be dubious.


I agree and I blame AIG not our heroes .




It’s ok…just keep buying yer jerseys from Elverys :wink:


Kerry football star avoids prison after biting garda in drunk spree


Yerrah only a bit of divilment…


and he was wearing gum shield too.


I read somewhere he appealing the fine. The cheek after after avoiding jail.


Younger brother to Mike unless I’m mistaken. He was some player.




Risky strategy … love to see it backfire …


Bomber on board: Liston nickname sparks a mid-flight security alert

I thoght this was waterford whispers


Poor aul Bomber must have a book or a fundraiser coming up.