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Never I tell you! Never…


He’s not wrong though. This doesn’t sit well with me at all.


abuse, he’s been abusing the dubs every chance he gets. toys are out of the pram cause he’s not getting the support he thought he’d get on his little Anti- Dublin crusade, fuckin sausage


“Fuckin sausage “. Ah you are mellowing in your old age Blueblack.


Once you accept sponsorship you have sold your soul , what you do for that money is down to your own conscience. I had no issue with them visiting ww1 sites , history is history. I m not religious but it does nt stop me visiting churches of historical interest or appreciation of the architecture or work ( even though they were more likely build on the blood of workers ) . The AIG tie in with NZ has become tiresome e.g All black appears with a hurl . The traitors gate monument at the green has been there years and if it bothered us that much we should have got rid of it years ago. New Zealand crowd have a different view of the war to us and while I would rather the gaa and the dubs give this stuff a miss I don t think the players at this type of thing means they re endorsing the British empire view of ww1.


There is more than a British Empire view of WW1 whether you or I like it or not. At least open your eyes.


Are you replying to me or wi fi?


Alot of poor souls, many who were conscripted soldiers, on all sides, died in WW1, what’s wrong with honouring their memory?


Some NZ people have a different view. But it’s not in your face. Most are not interested and I didn’t see hardly anyone wearing a poppy. But they do have some big events commemorating, the biggest is Anzac Day which is partly about Gallipoli as much as anything I think, not sure though.


Not you


Pity I had the best reply ever ready .


A reply to me who agrees with what you said?


My point about the dubs being involved in these things is they have a sponsorship deal with AIG and why AIG feel the need to be involved in WW1 commerations I don t know but they have decided there something in it for them. Thus the dubs are obliged to do something for their sponsors as that’s part of the deal . Whether the individual players are happy or unhappy to be asked to do these things is irrelevant . I have a mate who married a Derry woman from the orange side. We had to go to the wedding in a Presbyterian church listening to kilted Scotsmen belt out hymns and stand in a place decked out with union jacks and British military emblems. Detested the whole scenario but he was our mate he wanted us there and that’s part of the deal . In life we have to do things we disagree with so I would not be too harsh on the players who were involved.


The at least open your eyes bit after my British empire point had me confused as to who you were replying too. I still love you it’s ok .


That is evident. :+1:

I presume at the point in the wedding where the vicar asks does anyone object, you and all his mates stood up and expressed your feelings about your mate marrying into this crap?


Im not as old as I use to be


Even if you are replying/talking to yourself … :smirk:


jaysus, maybe I am so


We pissed in their bovril later © Billy Connolly