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correct and true , but theres a pair of them in it, M&M


No he is Ireland and Brazils worse journalist.


Like , it’s November ffs , and he’s talking about the Championship next year . Ya think hed give himself a bit of peace before the O’Byrne Cup starts at least .


At least he puts some effort into his bitterness, the other fella just goes to a file marked slow week and pull out some waffle he has saved for just such an occasion. MB for his sheer laziness takes the crown imo.
Just another thing Kildare couldn’t win :scream_cat:


I know right. seriously though there’s huge potential in the club champsionships to tell more of a story abou tth eclubs and people involved and make the whole thing more interesting but no, another arrticle about dublin zzzzz.


Oh zing ! :laughing:

Didn’t he go off on a hilarious 2am Twitter rant (long since deleted) when he lost out on some Sportswriter/Journalist of the Year award a few years ago?


I think the Breheny thing is just picking the wrong target, Dublin made more use of the April window for club stuff then anyone else. As far as I can see Dublin manage the club county thing better then others. There are continuous games for people over the summer, it is just the championship that is held up.

Monaghan were being mentioned as being very innovative on this, they had a different points system for games played with county players and without county players. But I came across their league round up recently, and some relegation / promotion stuff was decided on the basis of walkovers and teams just generally not showing up.

So in an imperfect world, I think the Dublin way is probably the best of all.


Emm. … . You say there different people but has anyone ever seen them in the same room togeather, the alternative is that this dublin teams success and lack of leaked stories has journos and commentators all with the same agenda, now that couldn’t be.

As for the pug whisperer that man has some mental health issues he want to deal with for his own sake.


Readership must be down. They haven’t hit there November click-bait targets…


I’d forgotten about that, god love the poor wee fella he’s bonkers

I heard him on Newstalk a while back talking Brazilian politics and how he wasn’t going to be scared off by threats from the new el presidente against journalists. Like he’s some sort of heroic crusader for the truth! Nutball stuff altogether


The only issue is with the people who consistently fall for the bait and line his bank account.


Who’s a clever pug, making money from outrage.


He must have forgotten his threat to leave Brazil if yer man got elected.


Marty loves writing about mayo and Dublin…looking forward to his article on Galway gaa financial irregularities


Ah would look at that pug, the little face on him, which only a flour bag could love.


Or hump.


Since the rule cannot be changed till after next year we can look forward to this exact same article in 12 months time.

MB was one of the most frequent writers urging the gaa to.use croke park between Sept and may untill the spring series came around…


He is brazils worst sports journalist.


But worlds greatest pug lover.


Toys are out of the pram said he is off tweeter for a while because of the abuse


I really am not sure what is worse, the fact that a ‘commemorative event is being organised by corporate sponsors or the fact that it is being commentated by Dublin. We seemed to have zoned in on this ww1 craic.

WW1 was a needless slaughter fought because of a power play between a few families (mainly related). The people doing the fighting were mainly piss poor and had no choice.