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David Brady’s twitter is funny. He was all supportive of Conlon last week (because I suppose of Brolly’s pointing out the fouling by Mayo in 2012 against us) and naught a thing to say today.


David Brady is a mongo.


Jeez…his defense must’ve been as convincing as Lionel hutz.

Eamonn Sweeney had a decent article on the fall-out from Mayo.

The only public spat in Tyrone I remember was Shea McGuigan giving off about MH in he papers last year.

But that Mayo stuff is on a different league.


And a brilliant GAA man, journalist, and one of the most knowledgeable out there. Class interviewer too


which was lambassed o’er the mayo interwebs.

fair enough, we and indeed I, can be remarkably thin skinned when it comes to the teams at times, but nobody is saying that Holmes and Connelly are lying.

They’re just annoyed that they are saying anything at all, or that anyone else is talking about it.


That’s the frightening thing - most Mayo comments are attacking the duo for bringing it up. Crazy shit.


Sweeney mixes the good and the dreadful in his articles. Is certainly no fan of Dublin. Even in his articles yesterday referenced that the ‘Kerrys & Kilkennys’ wouldn’t put up with the sort of stuff that Mayo players are up to. Eamonn mustn’t have been watching too much football over last 5/6 years. Either that or he just couldn’t bring himself to reference Dublin & Jim Gavin in that context.

With these guys and that rag of a paper there’s always some sort of agenda going. Delighted Brolly called them out this time on it. Though the irony of it being Brolly is hard to get my head around. Funny world we live in :upside_down_face:


the article, although gone from the site, is still out there on google cache - it was far far above and beyond having a go just at brolly (and when it did it was highly defamatory).

funny enough the ex legal editor of the indo was praising sub editors the other day - a group of people whom the indo outsourced a good few years ago. join the dots.


Truth hurts - well that’s what me missus keeps saying to me! :smiley:


Sweeney is an odd one. I remember reading a book of his years ago about his love of Sligo Rovers. It was a good read but I got the distinct impression from it that he didn’t like Gaelic games at all. Fair enough but he seems to have developed a great interest in the pastimes of the Gael since he got the job filling the back page of the sindo .
I’m glad they had to apologise and pay up some dosh to a good cause, I reread the Conlon article and it was horrible stuff.


Had a read of just now, its one of those kind of rants that columnists go on when they feel the need for attention. He’slobbing his barbed comments out in the hope of getting a rise out of Brolly. He probably thought that he’d spend a few weeks trading insults with Joe in their respective columns, like two boxers trash talking in the pre-match press conference. Probably fancies himself as some sort of intellectual heavyweight in the sports columnist world.

I can’t imagine that a sniveling apology was on the agenda when he was executing his genius master plan. JB has handled this properly without lowering himself into the gutter with yer man.

Not the first time the Sindo had to issue a grovelling apology for one of their columnists, back in 2000 they had to apologise after Mary Ellen Synon called the paralympics perverse and grotesque

The original article has long gone but there is comment about it here,

And the apology

It seem that you just cant fix stupid


Spent his early career covering GAA games at local level. Heavily involved in his local GAA club. Spent 4 months travelling around Ireland visiting matches on the road in the qualifiers and wrote a book on it( decent read too)
I doubt he dislikes the GAA


I thought sweeney had written some very flattering articles about us in the last few years.


Definitely has over over the years he is an excellent journalist , Tommy conlon on the other hand is from the same mould as spewen , wrote some pretty snide shite about dubs


You obviously didn’t read his Good Dermo Bad Dermo piece a couple of weeks back or the various articles he has done on Dublin finances & related unfair advantages we have??

As I said he mixes the good with the dreadful.


Dermo has been no angel either over the years. He gets plenty of good press too.

Conlon is responsible for most of the bile towards Dublin in that publication. O Rourke, Brolly and Spillane think the sun shines out Dermo’s arse.

We need to lose the chip sometime - leave that to Mayo


There is a video of Saint Dermo circulating recently of him bringing Sam to see a sick fan.


I’d agree, leave the whinging to Mayo.


Because in fairness we can’t compete with them! :grin: The players that is!


I think this could go on and on. Still Connelly and Holmes where right to do what they did. WHY shouldn’t they have their say?