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Breheny on the Dubs at the WWI battle sites is like Ned Flanders at this stage…


for the record , the Dublin players didn’t train on that weekend and only a subset of players went


He has no understanding of Jim Gavin or the way the squad works.


I digress a little, but I did hear Gavin comment on that trip as wanting to show the guys the graves of people who died for something. I thought it telling he couldn’t define exactly what that was.

If Dublin want to see graves of people who actually died for something, there are plenty in this country!

Rant over - carry on…


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Fixed that for ya



I really don’t get your rant. It wasn’t a case of Jim ignoring graves here. It was about bonding and perspective and was admirable imo.


Sure, as a tool to promote bonding and give some understanding of sacrifice, it’s grand.

I was just making the wider point that Gavin remarked that he was showing them an example of people who gave all for something, and I was struck by the inability to come up with a better word then ‘something’. But there is no better word they died because of a hodge podge of different reasons, extreme poverty, mad notions of war glory, visions of a Redmondite Ireland (god help us). But as the idea it seems was to pick an example of people who gave the supreme sacrifice for a greater good (which seems to be what the plan was), it’s a poor example - they didn’t.

But as a trip to bring a group of young lads together and give excuses to give speeches on the benefits of working towards a greater good, I am sure it was fine. A little shallow and misplaced, but fine.


I would take it as something they believed in - freedom. As a military and highly educated man I’m fairly sure Jim has a good understanding of what went on. If that didn’t come across in the few lines of coverage in the media well there you go. It kind of fits in with all Jim’s media engagements.

Perhaps bringing them on the piss would have been better but the 4 in a row at least shows that Flanders wasn’t a bad idea.


They take a trip away each year between the league and championship. I bumped into them in lahinch in 2015 I think it was . They were surfing . I guess he s just trying to mix it up. I get what you mean about sacrifice in this country but I m not being trite here you do well to make a weekend out of a visit to Glasnevin cemetery (although I spent a few weekends in the gravediggers). Think the counties punished are justified in being aggrieved and the blanket ban is a bit of a nonsense imo. A fixture list fit for purpose would rid us of these sideshows.


Martin continues his obsession with us

We’ll play anywhere however seeing how much it drives Martin and Pugman over the edge I don’t mind playing in Croker for years to come


Must have been a slow news week for Martin.
Does he write about anything else out of interest ?


it’s killin breheny and many more like him, but as said many times on here its every young lads dream growin up to represent their club or county in croker, including dubs, but the fact that we are so successful the last few years is really tearin them apart, so its back to get the Dubs out of Croker for next year. despite what they say and print about other counties Dublin has the best travellin fans in the country, just like the players fans couldn’t give a ■■■■ where we play, breheny would ye ever ■■■■ off and change the record, ( but i’d say yer worried about us changin that next ) :disappointed_relieved:


The Agony Aunt page.


Would it kill him to do a proper preview of the upcoming club championship games, analyse the team’s strengths and interview panel members, get the background on the teams … or would that require some effort?


What the hell do you think Martin is, some kind of journalist??


whenever im bored or need a laugh, I either watch borat or listen to him commentatin on the 2017 final and literally cry’n it’s just not meant to be


That was Martin Carney on commentary not Breheny.


Ireland’s worst sports journalist and that is no mean feat