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Egomaniac now taking credit for the Dubs success. I wished this guy would just fade away, pouring fuel on the fire for Spewn and the boilors.wait for it…


Expect a “bitter” reaction to this,
St.Pauls gac Belfast.
Le Chéile
Naomh Pól CLG Celebration
Saturday 3rd November
7pm @TheDevenish

With special guest @BrianFenton08 of @DubGAAOfficial

Tickets on sale at the club on Sunday from 2-4pm


Would’ve thought Philly would do that with Fento. Probably too busy now!


Good point, obvious now that you say it, wonder is fento filling in for Philly.


Poor ould Bertie, in fairness to him wasn’t a sunshine supporter like varradker is a regular no matter the game.


Bertie’s brother stands close to where we stand on the Hill. There for every game league & championship going back many years. Nice man.


True , it’s one of the few genuine things about barrel of bass Bertie. Remember seeing him at a challenge match between Dublin and down circa 93-94 on a miserable January afternoon at Parnell pk.


still a thieve’n bollix what he got away with, I won it on a horse, shockin


Ah I don’t think anybody is suggesting he’s not. But the one thing he defo can’t be accused of is being a fair weather supporter unlike certian other politicians.


I know that, and if certain other politicians had their way Dublin would probably be havin their receptions in the panti bar, that fella is no use either


Would you go if they did?


Yeah that’s the point i was trying to make, he is a genuine supporter. Not making a comment on his political legacy


Id probably go up to tyrone and sleep at the end of daller’s bed


Martin breheny, who gives out that Dublin shouldn’t be in croke park for the league and why don’t we have a proper ground, is giving out that Connaught rugby isn’t using salthill.

The Connaught ground will hold 12k and cost €30 million (!!!)
That’ll give you an idea of what a 30+k ground in Dublin would cost.


He says it’s win win as Galway GAA wouldn’t benefit…yeah I’m sure the Connacht rugby fans in Mayo, Sligo, Roscommon etc would love to know their cash it’s helping Galway gaa


I think Municipal stadia are the way to go in these towns if public money is being used.


I wouldn’t be listen’n to that lezzer, most Dub league games in croker ye get at least 25k supporters , he’s full of it. Maybe we should have them in the RDS…indoors


Martin breheny being a disgrace today.

He apparently (his favourite word it seems) doesn’t accept he was wrong and sensationalist even when after the gaa have an investigation and exonerate the Dublin footballers.


Journos do not like being told they are wrong. Even though it happens most of the time.


Tosser. Clearly the visit to the WWI battlefields was clearly a ruse and we actually had training sessions at the King Baudouin stadium…