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In all fairness why the f**k would anyone ring this smart arse about a serious issue? Seriously …


Well Peter Leahy did now in fairness.


TBF he called them, after broadcasting an hour long interview with leahy. as he points out, who was on the other end of the call?


No time for the guy whatsoever. A smart arse and nothing else.


Mayo LGFA have issued a statement.

While cognisant of the feelings expressed to us that evening, we felt strongly that their issues related to management style, decisions and selections that are normal and commonplace in any team environment. We respected the players right to leave the panel and have at all times respected their feelings and concerns by not making them public as we were asked on that occasion by those players. We feel that it is incumbent on the players to release these and still await them doing so.

We are of the opinion, that this was an orchestrated and calculated statement designed to create maximum impact, and garner maximum headlines. We were extremely disappointed having heard the player concerns that they would express them in this manner. The statement, which remains unsubstantiated, led to rumour and innuendo of the vilest nature and Peter Leahy, and indeed his family, endured a torrid few weeks where they received online, telephone and face to face comments of a despicable nature. All the while this was happening, the players who left did nothing to quell such rumour and gossip though we now appreciate that they have retrospectively taken responsibility for this in their most recent statement.

'Furthermore, we wish to express our disappointment at further statements made in a radio interview, whereby the playing environment under the management was deemed as “unhealthy” and she “didn’t feel it was a safe environment”.

These remarks have led us to release this statement and we are seeking further advice with regard to them. We must stress that at no stage in our meeting with them were these remarks used
Some highlights.


Wow , that press conference made for some hard viewing . Whatever about opinion here , the #metoo crowd will be all over this & i think that was the objective to begin with .


And that’s the damage it does, anyone who has any serious harassment issues will now just be treated as a whinger like the Mayo team. They are cheapening a serious issue to suit their own ends.


I think - and hope - a lot of people see this for what it is. I don’t get any sense of outrage on behalf of the quitters. Seems to be plenty of support for Peter Leahy though.


So if we do the 5 in a row and Maurice Fitz is on the sideline, will that go a long ways to banishing the memories of Thurles?


Jaysus they’re really dragging it out. Obviously an incredibly popular job with that endless supply of talent coming through. Everyone wants to be the Micko '75 genius who brings down the super blues. They’re doing the Lanigan’s Ball dance for positioning. Maurice would probably try to recruit Diarmo…


Wouldn’t you love to know what the criteria is, that Peter Keane is not wiling to meet?


That Buckley or Maurice has to be part of the ticket? That they won’t commit til they know if Diarmo is coming back to the Dubs squad?


Nothing to do with solar (or wind) powered iPads then so?


I believe their is a stumbling block regarding u20 team, want senior selectors as part management of u20 so there will be a link to bringing through the greatest generation ever©.

Hope they go with fitz. The purer the better, socks up, jerseys tucked in tight, high fielding/long kicking and no handpassing.


Not sure, I think as a coach he’s much more pragmatic. And a very smart guy. But he needs other pragmatists around him if he’s head coach.


That’s what I heard. Keane wants to bring Tommy Griffin with him. I heard that Griffin and Buckley don’'t see eye to eye, to say the least


I wonder will Buckley go back to Mayo? It was James Horan who first Buckley into Mayo set up.


Never thought of that, Buckley is too good to be with any county other than a top 4 or 5 one.


Rumour that Horan is attempting to get Buckley back in his management team. Could be bull be interesting rumour all the same.


“You have to butter the bread,” he says, “before you put the sambo together.”

Bertie takes some credit for the upturn in Dublin Football!!!